The return of Apple's AirPower almost confirmed — 2022

In 2017 we saw how Apple jointly presented the iPhone X with an interesting charging base baptized as AirPower. But it remained in a simple presentation, since it has not seen the light of day and Apple in theory closed the project. But she is not as dead as we all thought, since Jon Prosser has once again caused an earthquake with this theme.

Jon Prosser shows the AirPower in full operation

On April 10, Prosser reported through his Twitter account that Apple was still working on the AirPower to polish all the problems it had. This tweet was accompanied by a photo of poor quality showing a prototype of the base. Apparently there are several employees who are currently using this base with the aim of testing it, in order to solve problems such as charging the Apple Watch.

airpower prosser

This problem has been solved according toJon Prosserand now he has accompanied it with a photo that has much more quality. In this the AirPower looks perfectly just as we remembered it when we saw it in 2017, with the Apple Watch and the AirPods charging on top. And since we are speculating, the watch that we see above the base could be the Apple Watch Series 6, with a compatible design to charge in this AirPower.

The atmosphere of the photograph is quite homely, so it looks quite like we are dealing with a totally real image of the prototype at an employee's home . As a curiosity, if you look closely at the image you will even see false teeth. It's obviously not the final version of the product, but the fact that they are ironing out these bugs suggests that the AirPower is not dead and may be released sooner than we think.

Prosser has once again demonstrated with these images that he has contacts at Apple at the highest level. This is a pretty big leak and one that's probably not going to please Apple Park. The truth is that apart from the images he has only reported that the Apple Watch charging problem has been resolved but little else. He has not given details of how it works or how it interacts with various iPhones. In addition, the possible market launch date is also in limbo.

Why was the AirPower not released?

As we have mentioned before, the AirPower was not launched on the market in 2017 due to problems with its operation. Apple erred in confidence and presented an accessory that was not ready to be released to users as it got quite hot. This is why it was decided to officially abandon the project, confirming Apple that it did not want to launch a product that did not meet the company's quality standards.

Here they certainly made this mistake that they are trying to fix with a major revision of the base design. It is important that it offers minimal overheating when charging 3 devices at the same time but without sacrificing charging speed. This is the real challenge that Apple has ahead and it seems to be going great. What is clear is that Jon Prosser is not going to win any friends at Apple, except for his favorite leaker, since he is leaving the company without surprises.

And you, what do you think about the AirPower?