The reason why iOS 13.5.1 is consuming more battery — 2022

Despite being in the midst of the iOS 14 beta era, the next major iPhone software version, the truth is that the latest official version is iOS 13.5.1. Some users have been able to notice in recent weeks a higher battery consumption on their phones and it seems that the cause and its possible solution are already known.

Why does iOS 13.5.1 use more iPhone battery?

From MacRumors they have echoed a thread on the popular Reddit forum in which several users complain that their iPhone is consuming more battery than usual, causing their autonomy to be reduced considerably. Coincidentally, all of them are on iOS 13.5.1.

Generally, a beta like the current ones of iOS 13.6 or iOS 14 can generate a higher battery consumption because this is one of the usual problems in test versions, but the fact that the problems come in a stable system have made the alarms. More even some users who have claimed to have a totally new phone. Apparently the app Apple Music is consuming resources in the background without any user having noticed so far.

Bateria iOS 13.5.1 - Reddit

Source: Reddit

It is especially remarkable to see some screenshots shared by users and in which consumption of up to 19 hours by Apple Music, which is reasonably strange. Generally, this application only consumes resources during the time that you are browsing through it or when you are listening to music, even with the phone locked. In any case, it seems difficult to think that someone has been playing content for so long.

There doesn't seem to be a clear reason why the streaming music app consumes so much. This problem could be caused by poor optimization of resources, something that is more common in third-party apps, but it is not surprising that Apple has been able to escape it.

Solution to the problem

If you are not sure if you have this problem and you have experienced a lower autonomy in iOS 13.5.1, you can check which apps are consuming resources from Settings > Battery . If you are a subscriber to Apple Music or have it installed, it may be represented here, as other users have reported.

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Apple has not commented on the matter and it is even likely that it was unaware of it, so they have not had to act until now. The fact that the problem has already been publicly reported could speed up the solution, since so far there do not seem to be any clear steps to take to revoke the issue. The most recommended is wait for iOS 13.6 to come out or a hypothetical iOS 13.5.2, which seems disposable. During that time you could take advantage of sometricks to save battery. In any case, you can try other options such as uninstalling and reinstalling the app and evenformat the iPhonee in extreme cases, but as we say, it is best to be patient.

And you, have you experienced any other problems related to this version? You can tell us in the comment box.