The reason why emojis on Android are different from iOS — 2022

Relating to emoticons is something that is already standardized in our society. Currently, a WhatsApp conversation or a message on Telegram is not conceived without any type of emoticon that express some kind of emotion . But not all the emoticons that can be used are identical since there are variations, especially between operating systems. In this article we tell you what these differences may be due to and why not all emoticons are the same.

Regulation by Unicode

Despite the fact that it was in 1999 when the first emoticons were created in Japan, they did not begin to gain strength until 2007. It was here that they wanted to put a little order in this entire sector by creating the Unicode Consortium . In this way, the necessary rules began to be created so that most of the emoticons that we have right now on our devices can be designed. This is why at first you should think that all the icons that we find to express these opinions are always the same, but this is not the case. There are many differences between Android and iOS, and within the Android ecosystem each of the brands decides to make different customizations.

Unicode does not impose any type of common design criteria for all brands, but simply limits itself to approving the proposals that are received. There are some very general common rules that must always be fulfilled and every year all the proposals that are approved are published. This is why, for example, all the new emoticons that are going to be integrated with each of the software updates prior to their launch are always known.

Personalization by companies

All the emoticons that are available in iOS and Android are official, although it is thought that only those of Apple are the ones that follow the Unicode standards. What happens is that although there are some rules that must be met in any case, there are some variations that companies make . Whether on Android, Twitter, Facebook or Samsung there are small differences between the emoticons. The problem that may exist is that each one has a different style and this directly affects whether they are more or less visually attractive.

Emojis Apple

Each of the companies wants to give their personalized touch to the emoticons to differentiate themselves from the rest of the competing operating systems. That is why when we are on Android we are quite surprised when it comes to using emoticons because they do not practically resemble those of iOS. But what is clear is that facial features have always been preserved so that the little faces can express exactly the same emotion.

Approach to Apple

There are many criticisms made by users that emoticons are very different in operating systems. The most visually beautiful for most people are those of Apple and the competition knows it. That is why Samsung in recent years has wanted to approach the iOS proposals to create greater harmony. Obviously this has created quite a bit of discomfort since it has entered the big problem of 'plagiarism'. In the end, the logical thing would be for each of the companies to agree and instead of creating common rules, they create totally common emoticons among all of them. This would eliminate all the controversies for the differences that exist between the S.O.