The real differential of the iPad Pro 2020 and 2018 chip is confirmed — 2022

The iPad Pro 2020 was launched several weeks ago with interesting news, among which the A12Z Bionic chip stood out. This seemed a priori a new processor that started from the same base as the A12X of its predecessor, however the rumor began to spread like wildfire that it was the same chip with a slight difference. Today we can confirm this difference, which may not please some users.

The A12Z of the iPad Pro 2020 is the same as the A12X

Much has been said in recent weeks about thedifferences between iPad Pro 2020 and iPad Pro 2018. Physically they are identical on the front, while on the back we see that the most recent device added a double camera with ultra wide angle and a new LiDAR sensor perfect for those who work with Augmented Reality functions. However, we did not find a notable difference in the processor, since according to what has been known They have the same chip.

From TechInsights they talked weeks ago about these processors, indicating that they really are the same but with the subtle difference that the A12Z activates the 8 core GPU unlike the A12X which had that eighth core disabled. On that occasion they did not want to fully confirm the information in the absence of a deeper analysis. This study has already finished and now they have confirmed this difference.

iPad pro 2018 vs 2020

iPad Pro 2018 (left) and iPad Pro 2020 (right).

Experts in the field say that it is normal for manufacturers to disable a core of their processors. They do this when the chip is not capable of reaching an optimal level of performance that can take full advantage of all its cores, so this would have been the reason that Apple did not enable it for the 2018 iPad. Now, in 2020, this chip it would have improved its performance enough to be able to have all its cores functional.

The A12X and A12Z are still the most powerful

We do not know the reason why Apple did not implement a version of the A13 chip from its iPhone 11 for the new iPad Pro, since in theory it is what would have corresponded to this device. We don't even know if this processor was actually developed. In any case, it does not have to be a reason for complaint, since even the A12X is more powerful than the A13s. Therefore, despite technically continuing in the same generation of processors, the iPad Pro 2018 and 2020 have the best chip that the Cupertino company has ever developed.

Although there are very demanding users who may notice the changes in the processors more, the truth is that the changes are not usually very visible to the majority. The iPad Pro runs at a devilish speed that allows practically any process to be carried out with solvency and that also makes these one of the most powerful tablets. To this is added effective management of iPadOS 13 , your current operating system. That is why a major upgrade of the processor is not so necessary today.

In any case, we must not forget the 'normal' A12 Bionic chip present in some devices such as the 'Air' range. This is precisely one of thedifferences between the iPad Pro 2020 and the iPad Air 2019. However, we will not find differences in autonomy, and if so, you may have toreplace ipad batteryif you notice that it does not last as long as it should.