The radical change that would come to the MacBook — 2022

One of the features that can fall in love with MacBooks is undoubtedly how thin they can be. It is quite surprising the engineering work that Apple does to provide a team with so much power in a fairly small space. But Apple is not satisfied with the thickness of its laptops right now, and they are already looking for ways to make them much thinner and more ergonomic. In this article we show you an interesting Apple patent that I would bet on going in this direction.

A thinner MacBook could be a reality

The US Patent and Trademark Office has today published a patent that was originally granted to Apple in 2019. It is titled 'To make future MacBooks even thinner' . Achieving this goal is not easy and from the Cupertino company they propose the idea of ​​having a retractable keyboard as well as varying the angle of the screen so that its use is much more ergonomic.

As can be seen in the images of this patent, the MacBook keyboard could get up from the computer base . This would make it much more ergonomic to type with it being slightly tilted upwards. This would be achieved with a unified set of joints that would save the inclusion of cuts and notches in the computer design. The screen would also lean back much more thanks to the hinge system so that the user can choose the most appropriate degree of inclination depending on the height from where they are going to work. This would undoubtedly mark a before and after in the world of MacBooks with a very different design that would help users to work more properly.

patent macbook keyboard

Furthermore this retractable keyboard design would also help tokeep your mac from getting hot. As explained in the patent, the set of connections can expose the ventilation grilles in order to promote the entry and exit of air. As well as prevent the entry of contaminants. Closing the computer would cause the vents to close as well avoiding entry of dust or any type of dirt. This is quite logical since the ventilation slots should only be open when the equipment is in use. Today, MacBooks always have the ventilation slots open, which encourages the entry of dirt.

In a very subtle way, the possibility of anchoring computers to tables or desks is also considered. This can be an interesting idea for schools that want to integrate computers into their study places.

Will it end up seeing the light?

Keep in mind that we are talking about a simple patent. The Cupertino company registers hundreds throughout a year and many are forgotten. This does not mean that Apple may have this design in mind for a redesigned MacBook in the future, but these ideas should always be taken for what they are, simple ideas. Obviously bringing a patent to reality is something material, it is complex. A lot of engineering work is required behind it to get a retractable keyboard or reduce the hinges to a minimum, which in the end would be what would reduce the thickness of the computer itself.