The production of the A12 chip of the iPhone 2018 has been affected by a virus in TSMC — 2022

September is approaching and therefore the presentation of the new iPhone 2018 , something that is causing providers to be working intensely this summer on power provide the company with the necessary components and thus avoid the dreaded delays at the end of this year. Today Bloomberg has revealed that Apple's chip supplier, TSMC, has been forced to close several of its factories due to a computer error, will it have affected the production of the A12 chip? It is the question we all.

The production of the A12 chip may have been affected by a virus at TSMC

According to TSMC, several of its manufacturing tools would have been infected by this virus. forcing to stop the production of some factories containing the problem . Although some parts of production have returned to normal, other factories will not start working normally again see you next sunday when this problem is solved.

Initially, some users on Twitter have stated that this virus could have been introduced by a hacker into the systems , with the aim of being able to hinder the task of producing the chips for the new iPhone X, something that TSMC sources have ruled out in its press release, although it is not clear why its tools have been infected with this virus. According to the financial director of TSMC, this is not the first attack they have received, but it is the first that has directly affected the production lines.

But as we say, this director has not wanted to detail how long the production tapes were stopped and also It has not confirmed whether the production of the components of the new iPhone has been affected or not. If it has been affected, in the end we will know on the delivery date of the new iPhone 2018, although from TSMC have been working on mass production of the new 7-nanometer A12 chip since May, Therefore, we do not believe that this temporary stoppage of the production chains will end up affecting too much.