The iOS 14 privacy feature that Apple takes from Android — 2022

Several years ago, Android was a mess when it came to privacy, with iOS being a much safer system from the start. Despite the fact that Google's system continues to allow downloads of apps on third-party sites and other methods that without sufficient knowledge could put the terminal at risk, the truth is that it has come a long way in the field of security. Apple has also followed the right path and will now incorporate a utility in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 that we have already been seeing in Android for a few years now. Although everything that is copied or imitated in this sense will always be well received, be it from one side or the other.

Information about privacy in apps on the App Store

The App Store has been on everyone's lips in recent months due to the controversy with developers like Epic Games, creators of Fortnite. However, everything is going on at Apple and they try to continue improving the user experience, now offering the possibility of knowing useful information about the accesses that the applications will require when downloading. This will be done through a label that will show all this data, something similar to what we see in the Android Play Store when the same process is carried out to download apps.

App Store Privacy Labels

This function is not yet implemented in the betas of iOS and iPadOS 14 and at the moment it is not expected to arrive in the final versions. Apple gave this information to developers recently, giving as a date end of this 2020 , so there is still room. Possibly it will end up arriving in versions such as iOS 14.1 or similar, but at the moment it is unknown. It should be noted that it will also reach macOS Big Sur .

From the Apple Park they intend that this information helps the user to know what kind of data will be collected by applications , in such a way that they can avoid being tracked if they do not want to from the very moment they intend to download the application. Data like theiPhone location, microphone access or payment data access will have to be advertised in these tags by developers. And the latter is very important, since it is not something optional but required , so it is possible that not complying with it will bring with it the removal of apps from the store. Something similar will happen if an app is found to be accessing device information without first reporting it.

Apple continues to boast about privacy

As we said at the beginning, privacy and security are the most important pillars that Apple boasts whenever it can. And it is demonstrated not only with novelties such as the one mentioned above, but also by taking advantage of events and presentations to do so and from time to time advertising spots are made with it. In a video recently posted on its YouTube channel, the Californian brand shows in a very visual way what surfing the internet with our devices often means, airing our intimacies on the web in a way that is not out loud. The spot ends with the slogan Privacy. that's the iphone .