Instagram and Facebook video previews come to WhatsApp — 2022

WhatsApp for iOS will receive an interesting update in the future that adds interesting novelties worth mentioning very focused on improving our experience when viewing the videos that we can share from Facebook or Instagram, in addition to incorporating minor bug fixes. In this article we tell you all the news that we have learned from the hand of WABEtaInfo .

WhatsApp for iOS is updated with interesting news

When we want to share Facebook or Instagram content in a WhatsApp conversation we only send a link that when giving it redirects us to the corresponding application to be able to visualize the content. This is going to be totally different from now on, taking the form of playing YouTube clips on WhatsApp, integrating previews.

In the previous capture that they have published from WABetaInfo you can perfectly appreciate the novelty. We see a preview of Instagram or Facebook videos to be able to reproduce them in a very simple way and above all, without changing the application.

Surely many of you have played YouTube videos that have passed you through WhatsApp and you will have seen that the application does not open or takes you to Safari to play it on the web page, but in a much simpler way can be viewed directly in the app, something that undoubtedly benefits us users and we appreciate that it is extended to more services.

With the update 2.18.51 will also come the controversial measure of restrict the use of the application to children under 16 years of age . In other words, now we must declare that we are over 16 years old, something that will not do any good since there is no way to check if the user is telling the truth or not.

In addition, improvements will also be incorporated when making a voice recording, making a backup copy of the chats or inviting our friends to join a group.

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