US President Donald Trump spoke about Apple's financial situation — 2022

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, wanted to respond to thenotepublished on Monday by Apple reporting on the current economic situation of the company.

In the note signed by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, it was emphasized that much of the blame for the company's reduced income is due to the trade war that Trump maintains with China.

Donald Trump responds to Tim Cook two days later

During the day of today , at a press conference in Rose Garden, President Donald Trump was asked about Apple's situation. The president wanted to declare Tim Cook as my friend and denied that he was worried about the financial situation of the company.

Donald Trump

Trump claimed that Apple's stock price had risen hundreds of percent since he entered the White House two years ago. The controversial North American president also reiterated on several occasions his petition to Apple to manufacture its products in the United States and not in China . However, the latest information that is being handled indicates that those from Cupertino will indeed take their factories out of China but not to settle in his native country but inIndia.

Donald Trump was also asked about the tariffs imposed on China, and in response to these questions, the president stated that these measures have led to the United States entering billions of dollars At the same time, he has assured that his job is to worry about his country and not about Apple.

Apple shares after Trump's remarks

Apple shares after Trump's remarks

It seems that these statements by Trump have not sat well with the market since Apple shares fell 1% after the words of the president of the United States . These were the full statements of Donald Trump in reference to Apple's actions:

I mean they've gone up a lot. They've gone up hundreds of percent since I've been president. Apple was in a number that was incredible and they are going to be fine. I have to worry about our country.

Don't forget this: Apple manufactures its products in China. I told Tim Cook, who is a friend of mine, that I would very much like him to make his products in the United States […] Apple makes its product in China and this country is the biggest beneficiary of Apple. More so than us, because they build their product primarily there. But now it's spending $350 billion because of what we did with the taxes and incentives that we created in the United States. He is going to build a campus and many other places.

So my focus is the United States. I want those companies to come back like many are doing. I want Apple to make their iPhones and all the great things they do in the United States and have it made here.

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