The patent with which Apple wants to reinvent keyboards — 2022

Apple could have hit the nail on the head when it comes to solving your keyboard issues. The Cupertino company has behind it a few generations of unsuccessful butterfly keyboards, which have been displaced in favor of the Magic Keyboard mechanism. However, they do not seem to cease in their efforts to improve the lives of users and provide a new type of keyboard for their Macs.

What comes after butterfly keyboards

Let no one be scared when they talk about butterfly keyboards in relation to the MacBook generations from 2016 to 2019. Apple is an environmentally conscious company and would in no case use insects such as butterflies to create products. Jokes aside, this is the name given to the mechanism that powered the keyboards of a good number of Californian laptops that ended up despair thousands of users . The idea was fine, as this keyboard was a nicer and quieter ride, but it had numerous problems.


The most common thing in these keyboards is that with the passage of time certain keys began to fail. Either because when you press them, the indicated action does not appear on the screen or because it is impossible to press the keys because they get stuck. The membranes of these keyboards brought more than one headache and in fact the free keyboard replacement program in the Apple Store is still open for those users who report this problem with their MacBook.

More generations of this butterfly arrived, the last one being in 2019. However, none managed to completely tackle the problem and Apple threw in the towel at the end of the year with a renewed 'Pro' version of its 16-inch laptops, which incorporated a mechanism called scissors and that was none other than that of the Magic Keyboard that the iMacs already have and later thekeyboard with trackpad for iPad. This goodbye to the battered mechanism was confirmed with the MacBook Air and Pro of this 2020, which followed in the footsteps of the larger model.

Glass keys: the new Apple patent

The Tim Cook-led company is not seen as a company that gives up easily. They want to try to improve the lives of users in all points of view and with every little detail. With the keyboards they seem not to want to settle for adopting existing mechanisms and want to reach a maximum point of satisfaction as is the case with trackpads with force touch. For this reason, a new patent has emerged in which a new mechanism with clear glass keys .

apple patent

Beyond the striking of this hypothetical keyboard, this mechanism would considerably expand the durability of the same. At least that's how Apple relates it in the document, in which he also describes a light-blocking material and talks about other materials such as glass. Perhaps a good balance between these can be very striking on a keyboard, as we have already seen with similar combinations on devices such as the iPhone.

However, this patent that receives the name of Apple Glass Keycap could never become a reality. The reason is that in the end a company of this size registers dozens of patents every week in order to make sure that no one steals their idea and if one day they carry out these solutions, they can have all the rights. In fact, a patent does not even guarantee that something is proven, so it is possible that the company has not even tested with this type of keyboard. In any case, we will have to keep waiting to see what is the path that Apple follows in this regard, but at the moment it does not seem that the Magic Keyboard is going to be displaced until there is an alternative that is at least as efficient and durable.