The nuclear ban hidden in iTunes usage agreements — 2022

Every time we access a service or install a new program on our mobile or computer we accept extensive use and privacy agreements that unfortunately no one reads. In these legal documents that we accept without reading, the conditions to which we abide by to use a service specifically and also the treatment of our data are specified. This also happens in Apple when we create an Apple ID or when we access iTunes. In the different points that make up this agreement, one quite interesting related to the use that we can give to these services stands out.

Apple prohibits creating a nuclear bomb with iTunes

Normally, in the conditions of use of a service we will expect something as obvious as its operation to be specified. But Apple has wanted to go a step further and has wanted to detail in the conditions of iTunes that you cannot use this code to create a nuclear bomb. It may seem like something totally crazy and invented, but if we start reading the conditions of use of this Apple service, we find this clause that is undoubtedly quite funny.

In it iTunes license agreement which you can find here , in the apart o ‘END USER APPLICATION LICENSE AGREEMENT ' , at point g we can read the following text almost at the end:

You further agree not to use these products for any purpose prohibited by US law, including, without limitation, to develop, design, manufacture, or produce nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons or missile launchers.

nuclear bomb

In the rest of the point, quite normal things are specified, such as that iTunes can only be used in those countries where it is authorized and is not subject to embargo. Obviously there are many of us who wonder... can you create a military weapon from itunes code? It is obvious that it would be necessary to be Mcgiver to achieve this, but Apple puts this simple clause in order to fully cover their backs in the legal aspect in the face of what a terrorist can do with their services. In this way we must take into account that we cannot use this code to create any nuclear weapon.

Without a doubt, this is a simple anecdote of general culture about the company. Many of you would not know that this point existed and all of you have accepted it. This is where the importance of reading this type of legal document comes in (although it is practically impossible) since they can strain some very controversial points and we accept blindly. You see, in order to use iTunes, we had to make a commitment not to use it to create a nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon. That this may be tremendously absurd to some but it is there in the agreement that we have signed with our initial consent.

And you, have you read the Apple iTunes agreement? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.