The novelty that would reach the iPhone 12 related to Apple Glasses — 2022

One of the products that we know Apple is developing is new augmented reality glasses. We have not known details about this product for many months, but thanks to a rumor related to the new iPhone 12, a direct relationship with this accessory has been found. In this article we tell you the new details that have been known about it.

The iPhone 12 would include WiFi 802.11ay

According to the most recent rumors that have been published this week, it has been seen that the new iPhone 12 could include Wi-Fi 802.11ay. It should be noted that this is a standard that is not yet finalized, so we are totally surprised that Apple is going to include such new technology in its latest iPhone. If we look back, the Cupertino company always wants to be a bit farsighted and wait before including a new technology that has begun to emerge.

iPhone 12 navy blue render

This standard will make transfer speeds are much faster. But this is not only in the communication between our future iPhone and the router, but we must certainly focus on communication with other accessories and equipment.

Speculators point to the next presentation of the Apple Glasses

As noted by Jason Cross of MacWorld this WiFi standard would not allow going through walls. That is why everything points to WiFi 802.11ay will focus on improving data transfer by AirDrop , so that we can pass files of considerable size in a much faster way. But here there is no speculation since he has made a interesting relationship with the future Apple Glasses . Specifically, he explains it as follows:

The exciting part about 802.11ay is that it provides high enough bandwidth and low enough latency that it can be used to send data to high-resolution, high-refresh-rate displays. Like, say, virtual reality or augmented reality headsets.

Thanks to the fact that it would allow the sending of this content in a much more efficient way, it is suggested that the rush would be related to the arrival of Apple Glasses. There are many rumors that have suggested that Apple is working on this augmented reality product. But we must bear in mind that It has to be a product that arrives very well worked since it can cause some dizziness if the image is of low quality or arrives late.

Looking back, some of the reports suggested that we would not see these glasses presented until 2023 . But we must bear in mind that if Apple puts the accelerator to deliver this technology, it is possible that augmented reality glasses will also arrive before their time.

We believe that this can be a very interesting product if it arrives well finished and especially if they know how to make sense of it. Currently Apple Glasses are seen as not very useful by many people and that is why the company has here an important challenge to find meaning in our lives.

And you, what do you think about the Apple Glasses?