The novelty of Photos in iOS 15 that Apple had not told us — 2022

The opening day of the WWDC are usually hectic because they have to present the news of all Apple operating systems, so there are always details that the company does not have. Now that you caninstall iOS 15 betaon compatible iPhones is when we have been able to begin to find some of these details and although a large part of them may not have a greater relevance, the truth is that they are still curious as well as interesting.

Goodbye to finding inadequate photos in your memories

If you're an iPhone user, you may already know the native Photos application from cover to cover with which you can enjoy all your photos and videos stored on the device. Among the functions that this application already offered is that of creating animated videos with music with your memories. These collect moments that the artificial intelligence of the device considers important: holidays, birthdays, people that it considers relevant for appearing in many photos... And precisely in the latter is where we could be finding one of thebest features of iOS 15despite being the simplest.

If you are a fan of this type of memory, it is likely that on more than one occasion you have come across images that perhaps you did not want to remember. Photographs in which your ex-partner appears, a trip that ended badly and you have bad memories, a pet that died... Well, now Apple gives you the possibility of hide photos in your memories without the need to delete them from the reel or hide them in the album intended for it. For that, simply touch the memory options that appear in the form of three points in the upper right and choose the option Include less this day The Include less this person .

hide memories ios 15

That way the iPhone will understand that you don't want it to make video montages of memories that include that content. This will also mean that you have to resort less toapps to customize iPhone widgets, since in the native of the Photos app this indication will be extended to include less frequently and even not show that content. It is not that it is the novelty of the century, but for those who suffer remembering certain moments it will be very useful.

When will you be able to enjoy these and other new features of iOS 15?

Although it is true that the bittersweet flavor with this version is very widespread after its presentation, the truth is that it includes many other new features such as improvements in FaceTime, an improvement in notification management, an intelligent text reader in real environments... that if you are wanting to install this version now and you are not a developer, unfortunately you will have to wait a few more months. Apple announced that the software releases would arrive in the fall and based on the company's history, we can guess that it will be September when this worldwide launch occurs.

Remember that this version of iOS 15 is compatible with the same devices that were already compatible with both iOS 13 and iOS 14. If your phone could no longer update to any of these, unfortunately it will not update this one either. The cutting line is re-formed by the iPhone 6s and later , including the first generation iPhone SE. The new iPhones that the company launches later this year will already come with this version installed as standard.