The news of Android 11 that we already have on iOS — 2022

Google continues to implement improvements in Android so that compatible devices can, as usual, have the latest functional and aesthetic news. Also with improvements in privacy fields, an issue in which the green operating system has improved considerably for years. However, among its novelties are some features that iOS users already had on their iPhone. Which? We tell you.

No, iOS is not better than Android or vice versa

Before starting, we would like to emphasize an aspect that, beyond personal opinions, we believe to be objective. There is no one operating system superior to another. Perhaps one may have more striking functions than another, allow actions that cannot be carried out with the other, and so on. Traditionally iOS was superior to Android, but it was a matter of time before the two were more balanced and even Google's system had some better options than Apple's. All this is completely natural and despite this it is perfectly understandable that each person likes one operating system more than another. You are reading The Bitten Apple and, yes, we have a predilection for iOS, but you would be surprised to know that in this writing we accumulate some other Android device with which we like to mess around from time to time.

Native screen recording

Yes, we already know that there are many Android devices that have built-in screen recording features. Samsung or Huawei are examples of this in their respective customization layers, but the truth is that this was not a native option that came with the operating system. For example, in Google Pixels that have the purest version of the system we did not have that possibility, although third-party apps appeared on Google Play that allowed it to be done.

android ios screen recording

In iOS, however, we have had this option since 2017, with the arrival of iOS 11 and the possibility of having this functionality natively. Of course, it was something that also took a long time to reach the iPhone and in this case it could not be alleviated with any type of third-party application. The App Store regulations prohibited (and still prohibit it) publishing applications that can perform this action and despite the fact that some others appeared, in the end they ended up being eliminated and only the most savvy users were able to keep them once they had already downloaded it. In any case,record screen on iPhoneit's really simple now.

This way of capturing sounds familiar to us

Capture Android 11

By pressing the lock button and one of the volume, devices with Android 11 will be able to take a screenshot. This is not really new, since these captures have been possible for many years. The novelty lies in the way in which these are displayed visually, with an animation in which we see how the snapshot taken is reduced and is located in the lower left corner of the screen, allowing access to editing or sharing options from there. And we have not defined in this last sentence the form of the iOS captures, or perhaps we have, since in the Apple system these options appear in the same way for several years.

This is, in the end, a detail without major relevance. Far from wanting to accuse Google of plagiarism or something like that in the case of something so simple, we are glad that this way of taking screenshots has been adapted to Android in the same way. In the end, it is a very fast and useful option to manage the captures quickly without having to enter the gallery. In this way, regardless of whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you will be able to manage this matter in a much more intuitive way.

Improvements in Google Pay

We forget about payments in cash and even those made with a physical card, since paying via mobile is already a trend when it comes to making purchases. Apple Pay has been offering users for years to enter the data of their respective cards and make convenient payments in physical establishments or online, always guaranteeing that there is no danger of data theft. Also visually, iOS shows a complete Wallet app in which to see all our cards and payments made through the iPhone in a very intuitive way.

Google Pay Android 11

Precisely this last point is what Android 11 has now added to the Google Pay application. The interface has been completely redesigned, offering a much more minimalist and less cumbersome aspect than it had until then, allowing you to add credit or debit cards more intuitively and eliminating options that distract from what an app like this should offer. This is a point that, despite not incorporating a functional novelty as such, is a relief for Android users as this is a tremendously important app with very sensitive data. In a way, it is being seen how the minimalism that has always characterized Apple has spread to Android, which despite offering many times more options was guilty of being unintuitive in many areas.

Android news that we would expect in iOS 14

Now, with just over a week to go before WWDC 2020, iOS users could also put on long teeth looking at the competition. Some Android features like conversation grouping in notifications they could be tremendously useful things to have on iPhones. Also some improvements in the terrain of the Privacy They would be great for Apple's system, such as the possibility that applications that have not been used for a long time lose access permissions to the camera, location and more. Also people who need accessibility features they will want to have something similar to everything new that this system has brought and that becomes very interesting. If you are interested, you can see all the news of Android 11 in the following MovilZona video.