The new trailer for 'Servant' still does not clarify the plot of the series — 2022

The next November 28 Apple launches a new series on the Apple TV + platform, Servant, which has left us quite confused because we did not understand the plot of this . Apple wanted to launch a second trailer where we all hoped that all the doubts we have would be resolved but the truth is that they have achieved the opposite effect since we do not understand at all what this series is about.

Apple still does not reveal the plot of Servant

Apple with these trailers is creating much anticipation and it is possible that this is your main idea. Not knowing what a series is about makes us want to see even the first episode to be able to clear up doubts regarding the main plot . In the second trailer that we leave you after Servant, it is not absolutely clear what the series is about, leaving us with more intrigues than seeing the first trailer that did show more of the content of the series.

To put us in context, Servant in a thriller directed by M. Night Shyamalan who stands out for having directed films as important as 'Glass'. This series tells the story of a Philadelphia couple who hire a baby sister after going through a tragedy. The hired girl seems to have some kind of problem because of the way of taking care of the child that is not real. As we could see in the first trailer, this child sometimes seemed like a simple doll and in this second trailer we see a doll maker who creates Jericho, a fake baby who will star in much of this series.

The series will not be as long as the rest of the production that we can already enjoy on the platform. Specifically, we know that Servant will have 10 episodes of 30 minutes each , so it will end up extending all of December and January.

It has left us quite unsettled a fake baby the one who stars in this series, since it seems that they treat him like a real child. Apparently there will be many mysteries in this series that we will have to discover as the weeks go by, although we may have to wait to have the entire series released to be able to know what this series is about and that all the main plots are resolved.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this second Servant trailer, do you have any idea how the plot would unfold?