The new MacBook Pro could be presented in 2 weeks — 2022

Less than two weeks to goApple's next WWDC celebration. In this edition, new software such as iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS 12, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15 is expected to be presented. This is something common, although the hardware is not so common and precisely on this occasion we could see new equipment among which would include the expected MacBook Pro . We analyze this possibility below, as well as its possible novelties and the rest of the Macs that would accompany them.

Prosser gets wet: The MacBook Pro is coming

Jon Prosser has been releasing numerous information about future Apple releases for several years. He has had his mistakes, but in his favor he has got many of the dates right, as well as the design of equipment such as the AirPods Max, iMac 2021 and even AirTag. In recent weeks he has even predicted the redesign of the 'Air' range laptops, which would come in different colors. Now, for WWDC 2021 he has not predicted these but new MacBook Pro models .

With a simple tweet in which he states that this range of computers is on the way, the American has spoken. It does not give more information about whether they will be the 14-inch and 16-inch models , if we will see only one of these or if they will come already equipped with M1X or M2 chips. It also leaves the exact launch date unknown, as there have been equipment presented at these conferences that have not been released immediately, but are simply announced to be released after a few months.

News of these MacBook and their possible companions

Beyond the foreseeable change of processor with respect to the Intel and the well-known Apple M1, which is not a small thing, these computers could come with a redesign that would bring them even closer to the new form factor that Apple is trying to implement in its entire product line as we see in the iPad Air and iPad Pro, as well as in the iPhone 12 and the recent iMac M1.

macbook pro 2021 concept

In addition to that aesthetic change, it would be said goodbye to the Touch Bar after five years and would welcome old acquaintances like the MagSafe charging port and other connections that Apple had already left behind, such as the SD card reader or the HDMI port . This was stated by some analysts months ago and could be seen in a recent data leak from one of the Californian company's suppliers.

To these MacBook could be added new mac pro models at the WWDC. Jon Prosser himself stated months ago that we would see a intermediate version between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro with Apple Silicon. Other gurus in the sector also confirmed a renewal of the Mac Pro, although in this case in a more silent way, being only an update of processors that would continue to be from Intel. It remains to be seen to what extent these forecasts are accurate, but surely there will be surprises at Apple's inaugural conference on June 7.