The new MacBook Air and Pro already have planned release dates — 2022

If you closely follow the news of the Apple world, you will have verified that in recent times there has been a lot of information about launches of new devices with dates that were changing almost every day. It is not that the information that exists is not reliable, but that the company itself is being forced to change its plans due to the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis. However, now it could already have concrete plans for its new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Dates for the new MacBook Air and Pro with new keyboard

the analystMing-Chi Kuolaunches many predictions throughout the year and, despite the fact that sometimes it has not ended up being completely right, the truth is that its information is usually quite accurate and that is why it is taken into account. In the last hours he has talked about the renewal of the MacBook range, which could have taken place during this month of March and it seems that finally will be delayed to the second half of the year.

As for the MacBook Pro we could go from 13 to 14 inches , as it happened with the version of 15 and its passage to 16 last fall. The way to achieve this increase would be, as in that other one, slightly reducing the frames. Thus, in addition to this better use of the front and a slightly larger size, this computer would incorporate the scissor mechanism keyboard which Apple calls Magic Keyboard.

MacBook Air 2018

Image: Apple

He too MacBook Air would incorporate this new keyboard, while it could keep 13 inches of screen. In this way Apple would achieve a differentiation between this version and those of the 'Pro' range, since the 13-inch versions would be completely eliminated from the latter. Although without a doubt the most striking thing is the goodbye to the butterfly mechanism, which has brought numerous problems since the first MacBook Pro was launched in 2016 with these characteristics.

There will be design change very soon

Although the aforementioned MacBooks would continue to have a practically identical design to the current ones, it seems that in late 2020 or early 2021 a totally new design will emerge. This has been stated by Ming-Chi Kuo himself in another report, although in this case he has not specified whether it will be the 'Air' range, the 'Pro' or both. Who knows if I could even change theMac mini.

The redesign would also not come alone, but would bring a very outstanding novelty such as the change of processors which has been talked about for quite some time. Those would be designed by Apple itself and would incorporate an ARM architecture. As a consequence, Intel would no longer be the one to supply these chips to the Cupertino company, which already seemed to be a necessity at Apple Park in view of the numerous supply delays they have suffered in recent years.

In any case, it will be necessary to continue waiting for new information that is more specific, either to specify the dates a little more or to learn more about the characteristics of the teams.