The new MacBook Air aims high: its possible news — 2022

With a 2021 desert for the 'Air' range, Apple could already have more than closed the launch of its next basic laptop. The MacBook Air 2022 , which would arrive with a chip M2 among other news, it seems to be just around the corner according to numerous reports from analysts such as Mark Gurman, Ming-Chi Kuo, Jon Prosser and many others. In fact, despite there being no official confirmation, they seem like an open secret.

could be presented in spring

Apple's first releases each year arrive in March or April , regardless of whether you present them before at a special event or via a press release. However, and as was the case in 2021, this year it seems that there will be an event again and the MacBook Air would be one of the protagonists along with others expected such as the iPad Pro, 27-inch iMac or iPhone SE 3rd generation.

We do not know if it will be a telematic event once again due to COVID or if it will return in person, but this would not change the plans that the launch could be immediate. That is to say, that either it would begin to be able to be reserved from the day of the announcement or at the most in a week. Although we must be careful because the components sector crisis It continues to hit and it is not ruled out that they could suffer from stock problems, at least initially.

It could be Apple's new 'best seller'

If you alreadyfeatures of the MacBook Air M1They are evidence that being a computer that triumphs among the majority of the public, that of 2022 will not be left behind. What's more, it will include features that will make it even more eye-catching. For example, one aesthetic renovation that would bring its design closer to that of the 24-inch iMac and the 2021 MacBook Pro.

macbook air concept

This redesign would include adding a wider color palette than the current one, a white keyboard and slimmer screen bezels (although no miniLED panel or notch is expected). This as long as the designs leaked by RendersbyIan and Jon Prosser are fulfilled, we remember, they already got the design of the AirPods Max, iMac M1 and AirTag right, although they were wrong in that of the Apple Watch Series 7.

At the performance level, they would be equipped with an M2 chip that it would be more powerful than the M1, but less than the M1 Pro and M1 Max . Therefore, it would be a natural evolution for a device that, despite being able to perform highly demanding tasks, is more focused on everyday uses. In fact his autonomy it could once again be the star feature as is the case with the latest model we know of.

There are other unknowns, such as that relating to the storage , since they could already stop from 256 GB and make the jump to the base 512 GB. It is also not known exactly if the camera it will bring improvements such as a 1,080p resolution. The price As always, it will also be unknown, although it does not seem that it will rise and the 1,199 euros that this range now costs as a base could continue to be the reference.

Therefore, we can only wait for it to be officially presented and check if the leaks have been correct or there has been an error in the forecast. In the same way that we could find surprises that, at least for now, we do not know and could mean an important evolution for this beloved range of laptops.