The new iPhone A12 processors are already in production — 2022

The machinery of components of the new iPhone is already at full capacity, as is the case of the A12 processor (predictable name) that will give life to the new terminals of Apple .

This processor is making it TSMC , although it is not now when they have begun to mass-produce it, but in April. But it is now when it has been known that these new processors of 7nm will be destined for Californians.

This information comes from sources close to the company, according to Bloomberg in a post. The last information we had about it, it was said that TSMC were having some problems of performance, something that seems to be already solved completely.

New A12 for the next iPhone

There is no doubt that this processor, apart from being smaller, will be more energy efficient and more powerful than current processors. With the WWDC 18 just around the corner, we can get an idea of ​​what the new Apple terminals will bring us.

These new 7nm processors will occupy less space than usual, something that is appreciated in a place where everything is millimetrically placed. Thanks to this, you could increase the battery or take advantage of the space for another pertinent action that the company needs to add some improvement.

We still don't know which device will have the honor and privilege of receiving the most powerful processor ever created by Apple (it's what they always tell us), since this year's forecast is the launch of 3 new terminals . In addition to a iPhone SE 2 .

Of course, the iPhone top of the range, they will have it yes or yes, but it remains to be seen which processor will adopt the cheapest versions of the company led by Tim Cook. Luckily, in a few months, we will clear up any doubts thanks to the event that Apple will take place in September of this year.