The new iPhone 2018 will arrive in six colors, according to Kuo — 2022

Ming-Chi Kuo returns to launch a new prediction, this time he dares with a new range of colors that we could see in the new iPhone that Apple would present this year.

Specifically, Kuo predicts up to 6 new colors for the new terminals of Californians. The truth is that this is not something new, since a few weeks ago, we had published the possibility that Apple would add new colors to their terminals.

These new colors could be the red, gray, white, blue, gold and orange . A combination that is very reminiscent of the launch of the iPhone 5c, where they enjoyed a variety of very striking colors.

Six new colors and lower prices for Apple iPhones

Kuo also wanted to make a prediction about the prices of the company's new smartphones that it will present in 2018. Specifically, it lets us know that the terminal with a screen 6.1″ LCD could have an introductory price of about 700 dollars . This model could be chosen between the colors blue, red and orange, as well as classic black and white. The red version is striking, since Apple usually reserves this color for PRODUCT (RED) .

We recall that the model with LCD screen It could arrive with a front similar to the iPhone X but with a lower price than the three terminals that could be presented in September of this year. With this new range of colors and a somewhat lower price, it could become one of the first options to choose among customers who want to renew their terminal.

We remember that according to rumors, we could see up to 3 new terminals Apple with different screen sizes, among which I would highlight a Plus model and a continuity of the iPhone X current. In addition to the model with LCD screen that we have mentioned before.

Would you like to see the new iPhone with a new range of colors? Which one would you choose if you were to buy one?