The new iPad Pro with 1TB capacity have 6GB of RAM — 2022

The Apple event offered some surprises, one of them is the maximum capacity of the new iPad Pro , something that should not be surprising if we emphasize professional use, as we could see with the Adobe demo.

The new iPad Pro offers a truly superior performance, we are not talking about a simple renovation in terms of design. The chip A12X Bionic It is even superior to the one incorporated in the new iPhone XR or XS. This, together with the performance of iOS 12, makes a perfect integration between hardware and software.

The include up 1TB of storage In a mobile device such as the iPad, it is justified, especially if we think of all the possibilities that it supports with very demanding tasks. Being able to work with a 63GB file and 150 layers With a level of ease as we could see in the presentation, it is a clear indication of why the new iPad needs to have this storage capacity and up to 6GB of RAM.

Customers want an iPad so they can focus on their work, not on computer limitations

This new iPad Pro marks a before and after, it is no longer that large iPhone that practically any user likened to the Californian terminal. Apple wanted to go a step further with the integration of Files in iOS 11 , here they already offered us a clue of what was really to come from each in the near future. A future that is already present with the launch of the new iPad Pro.

The big software companies are betting on the iPad for several reasons, one of them being the power of this equipment and its ease of use. An user professional who works in mobility, needs to have a suitable team that does not cause headaches. Apple knows how to do this kind of thing very well, surely iOS will bore you due to its stability and fluidity.

Apple offers the necessary vehicle to carry out a professional function from anywhere called iPad, the great software developers know that the trend of the iPad in professional response and artistic is on the rise, as stated by the Tim Cook on their visit to Spain... So they don't want to be left behind (something normal and necessary). We can check it for ourselves by taking a tour of the App Store.

USB-C (much more versatile), a storage of up to 1TB and 6GB of RAM . These characteristics are justified by the simple fact that there is a need for a sector (very niche) that needs a solution. A solution that Apple has known how to listen and give an answer.

Of course, we can have 1TB to fill it with movies and series, but this is not the case. The iPad Pro is not intended for this, but of course, everyone can use it as they please. Apple is nicely limiting its iPad product lines, no longer just offering a device for read and consume multimedia content , now offers us the possibility of carrying out a specific action from anywhere and without worrying about its performance or storage.

Do we really need up to 1TB of storage?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is that it depends a lot on the follies of each one. As we have mentioned before, the new iPad Pro is a team really powerful , capable of working with files of considerable weight with hardly any effort.

Offering up to 1TB of storage is one more option among the four proposals that Apple presented yesterday ( 64, 256, 512GB y 1TB ). Depending on our need, we will need this ability or not. Another important point is to think about those places where there is no Wi-Fi or data connection available and we need to have ample storage to save all our work (photos, videos, large files...).

The iPad is not intended to be used between four walls, the iPad asks for street . The possibilities that it offers us to use it in an outdoor environment are very wide. Of course, we can also use it from the comfort of a desktop, especially now that we can connect it to a monitor 5K to perform our tasks on a screen of larger inches.

A professional team such as the iPad Pro is accompanied by 12 Mpx cameras and 4K recording . Recordings in this format take up a lot of storage space. No, the iPad Pro is not designed to be used as a compact or SLR video camera, but it does offer us the possibility and sufficient quality to take shots and record from anywhere. In order to edit those high-volume videos or photos , we can not be aware of freeing up space on our iPad, we need effective without thinking about anything else.

6GB of RAM on an iPad Pro is a real beast

Apple usually develops its operating systems and the architecture of its products, this translates into a practically perfect match , capable of determining which components are recommended to offer optimal performance. In the case of the new iPad Pro, the answer has been to introduce 6GB of RAM.

The RAM It is in charge of processing all the reading and writing information in a device. The new iPad Pro is capable of moving a lot of information (more than we can imagine), with which, the leap from 4GB RAM memory of the previous iPad Pro has a more than obvious reason.

They have shown us a team with an A12X Bionic processor that is really powerful and a very large storage, the highest capacity ever built into an iPad , with which, having a solvency in workflows to have an optimal user experience, makes it necessary to incorporate this volume of RAM memory.

What storage capacity do you think would be the most recommended for your use?