The new iPad Air might not be perfect because of Samsung — 2022

Despite having it still recent, it has been a year since the fourth generation iPad Air was launched. And although it is not expected that it will be renewed in 2021, there is already information about its replacement for 2022. However, these days information has emerged that leaves us somewhat cold regarding its news. Below we tell you more details.

Is the brake on the star novelty of the iPad Air 2022?

Unlike the fewchanges from iPad 2020 to iPad 2021In the 'Air' range, deeper changes were expected for 2022. Perhaps not so much at the design level, since they already changed last year, but at the screen quality level. According to sources close to Apple, the company has been planning for months to integrate an OLED-panel to these devices with qualities similar to those of the iPhone.

As recently reported by The Elec, an Asian medium with direct sources in Apple's supply chain, the panels that Apple planned to integrate could be causing problems. As is the case with themanufacture of iPhones, Samsung Display is in charge of supplying Californians with screens and it seems that at this time the business is on pause.

According to the aforementioned media, Apple has claims that apparently Samsung is not willing to assume, at least for now. All this due to technical requirements regarding the assembly of this panel, which would integrate a series of color layers with which Samsung does not work.

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Is the entire launch in danger?

Based on this information, they say from The Elec that Samsung has not yet considered marketing the type of parts that Apple requires for OLED panels. And as we indicated before, everything has remained up in the air, although has not yet been ruled out. Apple could have two options right now: either convince Samsung to supply those parts, or go find another supplier that can meet its demands.

A third way would be opened, which would be to integrate IPS panels as it had already been doing in the iPad Air 4, a solution that would not satisfy Apple, whose idea is clear: to offer a leap in screen quality in the next generation 'Air' of its tablets. Be that as it may, and despite the fact that it would be a year before its launch, Time is against you and they should find a solution as soon as possible to this problem.

We must say that, beyond this change of panel, not much is known about other possible news of this future iPad Air. It is intuited that it mounts an A16 chip identical to that of the 2022 iPhone generation and that it may include changes in the front camera as seen in the iPad Pro, iPad mini and iPad 2021. Since the development phase is still early as to have reliable leaks, everything indicates that we will have to wait to continue knowing more data, including those related to the outcome of this Apple-Samsung clash.