The nearest Apple Premium Reseller and SAT in your city — 2022

When you have a device from the Apple ecosystem, there is a chance that you will have to go to the technical service, as with any other device. That is why you should always know where to turn since there is not always an official company store nearby. In this article we tell you in detail all the stores you can turn to in these cases.

The functions of authorized stores

When an Apple Store is not available, there are many stores that can offer repair services to users. These are normally distributed throughout the Spanish territory and offer fully authorized services. The fact that all these stores are authorized is something really important to be able to have a official service . In other words, they have fully trained technicians in the devices of the Cupertino company's ecosystem when carrying out repairs.

But it is not limited only to having the technicians but also all the official parts are available from the company to be able to enjoy the best qualities when carrying out this operation. In addition you can also have the management of the guarantee c as if it were an Apple Store . In this way, some repairs can be totally free if they are problems that are related to manufacturing and not use.

That is why it is important to always have authorized repair shops always present. It is true that in other establishments repairs of the different devices can be made, but with some risks. Among these risks is the extinction of the guarantee with Apple. If the equipment is handled by unauthorized personnel, the warranty disappears as well as the risk that the parts are not original, generating more problems in the future.

Below we present the main SAT that you can find in the different cities of Spain.


One of the most important repair services that exist in Spain with numerous stores. In addition to offering the sale of products, it also has the necessary means for repair. On many occasions, this operation can be carried out on the same day and other more important repairs take a few more days, especially when it comes to managing guarantees.


K-tuin To Crown

  • Address: C/ Federico Tapia, 43
  • Telephone: 944344786

K-tuin Alicante

  • Address: C/ Germany, 34
  • Telephone: 965922032

K-tuin Barcelona

  • Address: C/Muntaner, 334
  • Telephone: 934180203

K-tuin Bilbao

  • Address: C/Ercilla, 41
  • Telephone: 944100777

K-tuin Leon

  • Address: C/ Alfonso V, 2
  • Telephone: 987880682

K-tuin Leida

  • Address: C/ Sant Antoni, 48
  • Telephone: 873400866

K-tuin Achievement

  • Address: C/ Gran Vía, 14
  • Telephone: 941227659

K-tuin Madrid (Center)

  • Address: C/ Goya, 42
  • Telephone: 911870086

K-tuin Madrid (North)

  • Address: C/ Orense, 52
  • Telephone: 915556798

K-tuin Malaga

  • Direction: Vialia shopping center.
  • Telephone: 951562070

K-tuin Palma de Mallorca

  • Address: C/ Union, 12
  • Telephone: 971716454

K-tuin Palma de Mallorca (C.C Porto Pi)

  • Address: Avinguda Gabriel Roca, 54
  • Telephone: 871554330

K-tuin Pamplona

  • Address: C/ Garcia Ximenez, 8
  • Telephone: 848470970

K-tuin Salamanca

  • Address: C/ Council, 4
  • Telephone: 923218673

K-tuin St. Sebastian

  • Address: C/ San Martizial, 11
  • Telephone: 843990500

K-tuin Santander

  • Address: C/ Juan de Herrera, 2
  • Telephone: 942367048

K-tuin Valencia

  • Address: C/ Hernández Lázaro, 14
  • Telephone: 963853674

K-tuin Vigo

  • Address: C/ Principe, 13
  • Telephone: 886440015

K-tuin Zaragoza

  • Address: C/ Cinco de Marzo, 6
  • 979797362


Network of stores that began operating in 2011 throughout Spain, and is also one of the most relevant that you can find at the national level. It offers technical support for all devices in the ecosystem as well as the sale of these in its authorized stores. The experience behind it undoubtedly makes it a great option to consider when carrying out the repair.


Rossellimac Almeria

  • Address: Station Avenue, 8
  • Telephone: 950263426

Rossellimac Castellon

  • Address: Ruiz Zorrilla Street, 14
  • Telephone: 964216272

Rossellimac Ceuta

  • Address: C/ Millán Astray, 1
  • Telephone: 956511023

Rossellimac Cordoba

  • Address: C/ José Cruz Conde, 32
  • Telephone: 957480757

Rossellimac Grenada (Downtown)

  • Address: C/ Alhóndiga, 11
  • Telephone: 958215106

Rossellimac Granada (CC Nevada)

  • Address: Avenida de las Palmeras, 57 (Armilla).
  • Telephone: 958168934

Rossellimac Granada (Serrallo Plaza)

  • Address: Paseo Laguna de Cameros.
  • Telephone: 958164375

Rossellimac Huelva

  • Address: C/ Plus Ultra, 13
  • Telephone: 959284002

Rossellimac Jaén

  • Address: C/ Catalonia, 6
  • Telephone: 953084403

Rossellimac Madrid (Plaza Norte 2)

  • Address: CC Plaza Norte, 2 (San Sebastián de los Reyes)
  • Telephone: 916526648

Rossellimac Madrid (Retirement)

  • Address: C/ Alfonso XII, 32
  • Telephone: 910052872

Rossellimac Madrid (Sol)

  • Address: C. Santa Maria, 25
  • Telephone: 915654060

Rossellimac Malaga (Main Square)

  • Address: C/ Alfonso Ponce de León, 3
  • Telephone: 952746922

Rossellimac Sevilla (Lagoh)

  • Address: Av. de Palmas Altas, 1, Local B 18
  • Telephone: 954448720

Rossellimac Seville (Nervión Plaza)

  • Address: C/ Luis de Morales, 3
  • Telephone: 954869170

Rossellimac (Zielo)

  • Address: Europe Avenue, 26B
  • Telephone: 917086169


Network of stores that are solely specialized in device repair. They have on-site technicians for those simpler repairs but they also give the option of sending them to Apple itself for repair in those cases that are much more complex.


Quartcom Madrid

  • Address: Ambassadors, 134
  • Telephone: 917234071

Quartcom Alicante

  • Address: C/ Portugal, 33
  • Telephone: 966088690

Quartcom Murcia

  • Address: Alicante Avenue 15
  • Telephone: 968930874

Quartcom Palma de Mallorca

  • Address: Gabriel Alomar Avenue, 27.
  • Telephone: 971594951

Quartcom Albacete

  • Address: Francisco Pizarro, 9
  • Telephone: 967618991


Network of stores that is very present, especially in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the Principality of Asturias. Focused on device repair and fully affiliated with Apple to be able to manage the warranty for any type of user.


INTECAT iStore Menorca

  • Address: Ses Moreres, 9
  • Telephone: 971352805

INTECAT iStore Santa Eulària

  • Address: Sant Jaume, 83
  • Telephone: 971330796

INTECAT iStore Gijon

  • Address: C/ Moros, 21
  • Telephone: 985359085

INTECAT iStore Granollers

  • Address: Plaça de Lluis Perpinyà, 30
  • Telephone: 931595423

INTECAT iStore Ibiza

  • Address: Ignacio Wallis, 24
  • Telephone:971191765

INTECAT iStore Oviedo

  • Address: May 9, 2 – Salesas Shopping Center
  • Telephone: 985204801

INTECAT iStore Principality Park

  • Address: Autovia A-66 Km 4.5 – C.C Parque Principado
  • Telephone:985980310

INTECAT iStore Platja d’Aro

  • Address: Avingudas de s’Agaró, 23-25 ​​(Girona).
  • Telephone: 972519095

INTECAT iStore Reus

  • Address: Plaza Mercadel, 3
  • Telephone: 977126368

INTECAT iStore Sabadell

  • Address: Rambla, 1
  • Telephone: 931591290

INTECAT iStore Tarragona

  • Address: Rambla Nova, 61
  • Telephone: 877444106

INTECAT iStore Terrassa

  • Address: Carrer Major, 14
  • Telephone: 931595425


This tender network is very present in the south of Spain, being in addition to technical service also an official distributor. It has all the necessary means to have the equipment repaired as soon as possible.


Goldenmac Seville (Los Remedios)

  • Address: Avenida Pte Adolfo Suarez, 2
  • Telephone: 954271213

Goldenmac Seville (Sagasta)

  • Address: C/ Sagasta, 7
  • Telephone: 954211362

Golden Mac Malaga

  • Address: Avd de la Aurora, 25 (Larios Shopping Center)
  • Telephone: 952429712

Golden Mac Cadiz

  • Address: San Francisco, 21
  • Telephone: 856591500

Goldenmac Badajoz

  • Address: Avenida de Elvas s/n (El Faro Shopping Center)
  • Telephone: 924110400

AS Computer

AS Computer is present exclusively in the autonomous community of Galicia without having branches in other locations in Spain. Although this does not mean that it is a technical service with transcendence when carrying out important repairs.

AS Computer

AS Computer Santiago de Compostela

  • Address: Avd. Barcelona, ​​4
  • Telephone: 981534492

AS Computer Vigo

  • Address: Pza. Porta do Sol, 9
  • Phone: 886138881

AS Computer Ourense

  • Address: Rúa Curros Enríquez, 16
  • Telephone: 988602006


+Repair Madrid

  • Address: Numancia, 10
  • Telephone: 913116773

+Repair Bilbao

  • Address: Maria Diaz Haroko Kalea, 5
  • Telephone: 944360222

+Repair Seville

  • Address: 23 Kansas City Avenue
  • Telephone: 954061555