The N26 bank is already compatible with Apple Pay in Spain — 2022

A few months ago we told you about the arrival of a new bank in Apple Pay , specifically N26 , from today it is already compatible.

With this new arrival, in Spain we already have 8 financial entities to be able to make our purchases from an Apple device.

Possibly before the end of the year and early 2018, let's see New additions from other banks.

You can now start using N26 for your payments

Apple Pay is growing at a good pace, both in users and in banks that are partnering to allow customers this payment system. Banco Santander, OpenBank, CaixaBank, Carrefour, American Express, ImaginBank, Boon and now N26 .

Apple Pay is really easy to configure and use, where we are simply going to need a device compatible with the technology Contactless to bring our iPhone or our Apple Watch closer to make a purchase.

The adaptation is being very positive, it is becoming more and more frequent to make a payment with some of these devices, where small and medium-sized businesses are seeing it as a normal and current payment system , fading the great novelty.

BBVA it is a fairly strong entity where it does not yet have a presence in Apple Pay. It currently has an exclusivity with Android Pay, so you have to wait until this exclusive ends before you can expand to Apple Pay.

If you have already become a client of N26 to be able to make payments with a device compatible with Apple Pay , you can now start setting up your iPhone and Apple Watch to start paying with them.

Are you an N26 customer? Have you already set up your device to make purchases with Apple Pay?