MovieToons app to be FREE for a limited time — 2022

Today we find a very interesting and original application, it is about MovieToons , where it allows us to create videos with cartoon characters.

From creating a greeting, a welcome to a family video or even for a web project, the possibilities are endless with this app, all with a very intuitive interface .

With just a few small touches, we will have our video prepared and ready to export it to our reel or share it on social networks, both in the iPhone like on iPad , since it includes both versions.

MovieToons – 3D cartoon maker!

This app is developed for both iPhone and iPad, as well as offering family shopping. MovieToons does not offer in-app purchases , so the moment you download it, you won't have any hidden purchases to unlock other options.

In the American App Store it has a five star positive feedback , in Spain it still does not enjoy any rating, possibly because it is not well known, but without a doubt, once you try it, you will like it.

MovieToons is optimized for iPhone X , although it is not translated into Spanish. This should not be a problem, because as we have mentioned, the app is very intuitive, so with a few small touches, we will have our video prepared and ready to be shared.

We have many different characters, each one of them we can customize as we please, as you go in the screenshots, we even find characters from dream dates, such as Santa Claus or some costumes from Halloween .

So now you know, if you want to surprise someone with a personalized video in cartoon format, MovieToons It is without a doubt an application to take into account, especially now that we have it free Limited Time.

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