The minimalist app Blink, becomes FREE for a limited time — 2022

We return with our selection of free applications for a limited time, in this case we do it with Blink , a minimalist app that will make you fall in love.

Its design and concept is fantastic, simply add tasks that you must do for the day, a reminder or the shopping list. all in mode horizontal , not vertical like most reminder apps.

Its concept may shock the first time you use it, but when you understand it, you will know that perhaps, it is one of the best minimalist apps of reminders.

Free Blink for iPhone

Yes this app is exclusive for iPhone , if we use it on our iPad, it must be with the apps adapted to the iPhone, so it will not be too good to say. We miss an app for the Apple Watch , that would already make it quite complete.

Its operation is really simple, you simply open it and start adding words that come to your mind or that you want to be reminded of from time to time. If we leave the screen pressed, we have the option to dictate it .

Adding words may be necessary for a project, where ideas come to mind, a Shopping list or even as a reminder to take some medicines. These are just a few ideas, but you can write down whatever you want.

Once you have your words, you can mark them on blue or red with a single touch. These colors are configured in functions, both for daily and for each hour. That is, if we mark a word in red, it will remind us in 24 hours, if we mark it in blue, it will do the same every hour.

We have a file drawer to add words that we no longer need to remember or that we may want to recover later, again as an example, the shopping list.

Although we can find the app for free for a limited time, it offers a single integrated purchase. This purchase is to add more sheets to Blink. This is very necessary if you want to have a sheet for studies, another for the office and another for home. Although with the version free surely you will have left over in most cases.

Download this app for free

What do you think of this minimalist app?