The McEnery Convention Center is already preparing for WWDC 2019 — 2022

Next Monday the WWDC 2019 finally begins with the inaugural Keynote that will give rise to the iOS 13 presentation, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6, and tvOS 13. This developer conference will take place throughout the next week at the McEnery Convention Center which is already being carefully decorated to welcome all developers as is traditional.

It is already a tradition that in this convection center the days before the convection n different decorations related to the convention itself and the invitation are installed . On this occasion we have had the opportunity to dazzle all these works thanks to 9to5mac, which has published different very interesting images of the surroundings of the building made by David Lewis Thomas .

The decoration of the WWDC 2019 is taking shape

All the decoration that has been installed during these days has a very similar design to what we saw on the official website of WWDC 2019 and in the invitations to the media and the developers themselves. This decoration is very much based on the neons on dark backgrounds which makes us think that the dark mode will be a very important novelty in iOS 13.

At the moment only the banners of the surroundings have been installed on the lampposts and at the transit stops but the main banner of the convention center still remains yes This is still being installed by the technicians although there is already a lot of speculation about what we will see and it seems that it will be very interesting.

As we have already mentioned on different occasions, the theme of the invitations and of the website itself is based on neons and it seems that the main banner it will have real neons with all the illustrations we saw on the invitation. We will be expectant this weekend and on Monday itself to see this banner that surely leaves many of us speechless.

Remember that thenext June 3This inaugural conference will be broadcast live in which we are very hopeful to see what is new in iOS 13 and all other operating systems. In addition to the obvious dark mode, we hope that Apple will surprise us all with a multitude of new features.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of these decorations.