The Magic Keyboard begins to receive criticism from users — 2022

TheMagic Keyboardsince its launch it has been admired by many users, who have seen the possibility of turning the iPad into a Mac. But the truth is that it has not been without criticism from users in relation to theiPad Pro battery consumption. In this article we comment on everything that has been said about it.

User complaints about the Magic Keyboard

Together with the iPad Pro 2020, Apple launched the Magic Keyboard, which is an ideal keyboard to write comfortably thanks to the scissor mechanism. In addition, it includes a small trackpad at the bottom to be able to use the cursor that was added in the accessibility part. In addition to the keyboard being backlit It helps a lot to work in light environments.

But not everything is so positive, since users have begun to expose their problems in relation to the Magic Keyboard and the amount of battery consumed . These users are noticing how the autonomy of their iPad is falling significantly in comparison when they did not use the Magic Keyboard, and although they try to save battery life with the iPad, in the end the problem clearly lies in this accessory.

Magic Keyboard

We must take into account that the Magic Keyboard does not have a separate battery. This means that the battery of the iPad itself must be 'nurtured' through the Smart Connector. This fact is severely accentuated when using the backlight system, something that is quite logical. The normal membrane keyboard does not have the ability to light up and it does not add a trackpad either, which in the end can end up consuming a little more battery than expected. But even if this behavior falls within logical reasoning, it can be argued whether it is abusive.

If this behavior is not normal, please request a replacement

At first it is logical to also think that a simple backlight on the keyboard, at a normal percentage should hardly consume battery . But the truth is that many users are detecting that even if the iPad is inactive, if it has the keyboard connected, it continues to consume battery. With a processor that tries to economize in all cases, this type of process is not normal at all.

That is why some experts on this subject have tried to do objective tests to see how much the Apple keyboard consumes. Unfortunately, the Cupertino company does not provide clear information on how much battery the keyboard can consume, something that can obviously lead to numerous confusions and think that it is theMagic Keyboard the one that is defective.

From iPad Insight, faced with this problem, they decided to replace the Magic Keyboard to have a new one. The results were very good, since while with the original unit the battery dropped much faster, with the replacement it only dropped a little. This is an indication that some Magic Keyboards may have manufacturing defects when it comes to power management. So if you are experiencing this type of problem, it is best to contact Apple to make a return. In these situations, thedifferences between Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard.

And you, have you suffered this type of problem with the Magic Keyboard?