The launch date of the iPhone 11 begins to be confirmed with new information — 2022

The iPhone 11 continues to speak despite not having been presented yet. We don't even know if Apple will name its new flagship device like that, however rumors about this device and alleged leaks have been making headlines for months. The last thing we have been able to know is the allegedrelease dateof this terminal, something that we already anticipated several weeks ago.

iPhone 11: everything points to September 20

Both on this website and on our YouTube channel we shuffled the theory that Apple could launch its new iPhone on September 20 , a date that is also common in recent years. A Macotakara report, based on statements by the president of SoftBank, make us reaffirm ourselves on this date.

Ken Miyauchi, which is the name of the president of SoftBank, hinted at the launch date of the new iPhone. Although he later regretted having said it and even claimed not to know the date, the truth is that it seemed like a misleading technique due to the high probability that this important executive could indeed know the date on which Apple will launch its flagship device.

Evidently We cannot give this information as 100% valid. and much less treat it as official information. After all, it will be Apple itself that announces the launch date of the new iPhone in different countries, and it will do so in the special event expected for the first half of September . It should also be noted that it is likely that different release dates will be considered from Cupertino for its different versions, as has happened in previous years such as the iPhone XR, which was launched several weeks after the iPhone XS.

The iPhone of 2019 will be 3 as all the leaks, rumors and analysis of expert gurus at Apple point out. These would be the replacements for the current iPhone XS, XS Max and XR and therefore they would come with the same size although with significant changes in terms of design on the back, in the cameras and in internal components.

As we said, the doubts will be resolved in the event that Apple celebrates in September and for which there is very little left to know the date. It is at the end of August when the company sends the invitations to the media for this keynote, so it would only take a few weeks to see this year's.

And you do you think? Do you think the new iPhone will launch on September 20? You can leave us your impressions about it in the comment box.