Most Apple Stores will get a makeover on the night of May 16 — 2022

Some Apple Store will be renewed shortly. MacRumors has just published an article specifying that Apple is preparing a small restoration in several stores for the next may 16 . The first changes are expected to be visible at the opening of these stores on the 17th.

The Apple Store will be renewed on May 16

From this medium focused on Apple, they point out that those in Cupertino will renew their oldest stores or those that are smaller. Apple's goal is these stores that had not yet adapted to the new design of the Apple Store, receive a small update .

Remodeled Apple Store | Source:MacRumors

Visual changes and some new accessories are expected to reflect a similar but updated look. At the moment, it is not clear how many stores will be involved in this new change, but what we do know is that this change will be made globally.

Apple plans to replace its accessory shelves with new spaces dedicated solely to the accessories that Apple sells in its stores. It is about displaying your existing products and accessories in stores in a clearer and simpler way. New stools for the Genius Bar and other in-store seating areas They will be updated that day.

Remodeling of the Apple Store

Apple has more than 35 stores updated to its new format worldwide. These stores are located in different cities like Brussels, Dubai, London, Mexico City, New York, Paris, San Francisco, etc. The Cupertino company has completely remodeled some of its existing stores with the company's new look, but the most important renovations come after carrying out works for a longer period of time than just one night.

Future Apple Store at Carnegie Library Washington DC

Finally, remember that Apple has another 460 stores around the world, however this small (but quick) change that Apple will make, will make these stores more closely match their new design line.

This week Apple announced a new Apple Store in one of those most emblematic places in Washington DC . The Carnegie Library building will have an Apple Store in the future. It is one of the most historic buildings in the capital and one of the buildings where Apple will have great complexity when it comes to transforming and remodeling it as it is a large-scale project. Apple would have already communicated its intention to maintain an old culture center just a few meters from the White House.