The jailbreak for the Apple Watch is already a reality without a future — 2022

The jailbreak is still alive in a small community of users despite the fact that Apple tries to hinder this process update after update. Yesterday the developer Tihmstar announced the first jailbreak for the Apple Watch , specifically for the Series 3 model, something that for many users will not mean anything but that undoubtedly shows the intentions of this community to be able to carry out this operation on all Apple devices.

You can now jailbreak the Apple Watch

depending on the medium WCCFTech , this jailbreak can be done on Apple Watch Series 3 that have watchOS 4.1 installed . Other models may also be compatible, but minor code changes are required.

Never before had it been possible to carry out this operation on an Apple Watch, as it was considered a device that was in an Apple jail, as there was no way to carry out this process due to the perfection in the security of the operating system, something that finally dodged , being a real success for this developer.

By doing the jailbreak, developers can have access to different functions such as exploiting the core using v0xtex, remounting the reason file system, Root access, among other tools that are undoubtedly of interest to many technology and programming enthusiasts.

the developer has not wanted to make public the way to carry out this process on our Apple Watch since it is intended for developers who want to delve deeper into watchOS and be able to see everything that the operating system of our smart watches can really do.

We are far from seeing a public jailbreak to be able to perform different customizations on our smart watch such as user interface adjustments, custom wallpapers and more. And we say that this process will ultimately have no future a priori because the developer has stated that no future updates to this version are planned.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about being able to jailbreak our Apple Watch, would you see it useful?