The iPhone Xc, the fusion between an iPhone X and an iPhone 5c — 2022

We are already thinking about Next year's iPhone , if they will have a continuous design or not and the characteristics that they will incorporate from both storage as well as new technologies compared to this year. But, Have you imagined a colorful iPhone X like the iPhone 5c? This fusion has occurred in the concept of iDrop News They've combated a pretty interesting concept of what the iPhone X would look like if it had this splash of color that the iPhone 5c gave us. And what would this prototype be called? iPhone Xc.

Is an iPhone Xc possible in today's market?

This named iPhone Xc may sound quite silly, but the medium that has launched this concept claims that this type of iPhone just like the iPhone 5c could have a lower cost by featuring an LCD panel instead of OLED.

In addition, with a polycarbonate body, it would also be possible to achieve substantially reduce costs and also increase durability, since as we have seen the glass is scratched relatively easily. With polycarbonate this would be history and also would not interfere with wireless charging to which I could continue incorporating it.

This iPhone would cost approximately $450-500. A fairly affordable price range, and that could end up resurrecting the soul of the iPhone 5c that was not very successful. This would respond to people's need for a cheap and quality terminal, and Apple could end up giving its arm to twist, and thus the rumors of these weeks of an iPhone X would be confirmed much cheaper.

Do you think we will see an iPhone Xc presented? Do you think it will have a journey in the current market? Leave us in the comment box everything you think about it.