The iPhone SE 2 may not arrive in 2018 according to Forbes — 2022

There are many users who ask us when will the second generation of the iPhone SE 2 arrive. There were many speculations surrounding this new device, although finally we did not see it at WWDC 2018, where they decided to focus those from Cupertino on the software and not in the hardware. Today Forbes has launched new speculations about this device that will not be liked at all by the company's users who prefer devices with a smaller size.

The iPhone SE 2 may never arrive

As reported today Forbes , the iPhone SE 2 would not arrive this year along with the iPhone 2018, but they go even further, since they affirm that this device will never see the light and will be stored in a drawer forever , something that has surprised me personally.

A few weeks ago we talked about final design of the iPhone SE 2 that coincided with all the rumors that we had on the table, and also a half korean published the date of sale of the device , and they were even already accepting their reservations. It is for all this that we already took for granted that this iPhone would end up reaching the market in 2018, but this news it takes away a little hope , although this is a rumor like so many others and the ones from Cupertino may finally surprise us this year.

We think this is a necessary device due to the good reception that the first generation had as it is obvious that there is a group of users who do not like devices with a very large screen size compared to that of the iPhone X. Will Apple let this opportunity slip away?

It may be that to lower costs we will see an iPhone SE 2 very similar to the first generation without reducing frames, that is, with a continuous design.

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