Does the iPhone have the same guarantee in the Apple Store and in K-Tuin? — 2022

Buying an iPhone, like any other device with that cost, requires that there are at least certain guarantees that cover any possible damage to the device that is external to the user. However, when it comes to this device, there are still many doubts about the differences between buying it in the brand's official store or in a Premium Reseller, which are a kind of Apple franchise. K-Tuin is one of them and, like the rest, they offer the same differences and similarities with respect to Apple.

What differences exist between the conditions?

If you are going to buy an iPhone from Apple right now, either in its online store or a physical one, you will get 3 years warranty which will be managed by the company itself. All this regardless of whether you purchase AppleCare+ insurance additionally. At that time, Apple itself will be in charge of managing everything related to thewarranty of your iPhone.

If, on the other hand, it is K-Tuin or any other Premium Reseller, you will also have that guarantee time, only divided. The first year is covered by apple , while the next two K-Tuin. Taking into account that these stores have specialists with the same training and that they also have official parts, there should be no difference in the process. However, you should know that you will only be able to go to Apple during those first 12 months.

And we want to emphasize again that after all it's 3 years because on Apple's website you'll surely read that it's one year. And it is not correct. This is because the company adds at least 1 year in all territories, but then adapts to each legislation and in the case of Spain it is 3 years.

Apple Store

What both stores share

In addition to what has already been mentioned in reference to the procedures, an interesting aspect that you will like to know is that you can request an appointment through the same channels in one and another. And it is that K-Tuin, in addition to being an official distributor, also has an authorized technical service. In these cases, Apple includes this type of establishment in its list, mixed with the Apple Store.

They also both share the 10 years of repairs that must be complied with by law. It does not mean that they are all free, since only those that are unrelated to misuse or accidental damage and during the first 3 years will be free. However, it is common for some manufacturers to stop offering parts for repair after a certain time has passed since the devices are no longer sold. However, with the new law that came into force on January 1, 2022, this is already extended to at least 10 years.

So, if you are going to buy an iPhone and you are interested in doing it at K-Tuin or another Premium Reseller, you should know that you will have practically the same guarantees as at Apple. It only changes the establishment to which you must go, so it may even be more comfortable for you.