The iPhone could drop in price due to a new drop in Apple's income according to experts — 2022

TheQ1 2019It did not seem to go too well for Apple and the company registered a significant reduction in iPhone sales, something that the company announced at the beginning of the year through anote signed by Tim Cook. In this Q2 the company seems to have taken measures to strengthen itself, including introducing new services and lowering the price of the iPhone in some markets. However, despite the fact that the company has been rising on the stock market, it seems that in the announcement of results next Tuesday we will see further reductions in income. So at least expert Wall Street analysts believe. Below we tell you all the details.

If there are bad results, will Apple lower prices?

Apple's phrase must lower prices seems to have been one of the most viewed in recent months by users. Although this is a perception of consumers, the truth is that the experts did not think the same until now that it seems to be confirmed that the company's revenues would have been reduced between 5% and 6% compared to the same quarter of 2018 .

These forecasts have been given by the expert Philip Elmer-DeWitt based on four different sources, of which 3 suggest that Apple would have followed falling between 1.39% and 2.62% compared to last quarter . Only one source consulted by the analyst, Estimize , would have predicted a 1.39% increase of the incomes.

Beyond analyzing these economic figures in greater depth, we want to focus on what will happen from Tuesday if it is finally confirmed that there has been a reduction in income . We recall that Tim Cook, CEO of the company, announced in January thatprices in emerging markets would falland finally like thishas been. There was also hope in new services such as the Apple Card, Apple TV + or Apple News + that were presented in aspecial eventon March 25.

In the absence of the new services officially arriving, some analysts are optimistic, however it may not be enough. Apple could be forced to lower the price of iPhones in more developed markets and in which it usually has great weight. Especially in the case of the iPhone XS and XS Max, which have been seen as what is theoretically an inferior mobile, the iPhone XR, exceeds them in the number of units sold in much of the world.

As we say, at the moment we only have assumptions and forecasts. will this be Tuesday at around 23:00 Spanish time when Apple announces its Q2 2019 results . On this website we will do a special coverage of that announcement to bring you all the information related to the results. Once known, we will have to see how the market, investors and the company itself react.