The iPhone 8 could incorporate Touch ID... In the unlock button! — 2022

Yes, we already know, we can seem heavy with so many rumors about the iPhone 8. But we try to bring you the latest news related to the launch of the next Apple terminal and here we bring you one of the novelties that said device could incorporate.

According to Forbes , and The famous Touch ID could finally be integrated into a new location , the unlock button. In this article we tell you all the details.

The iPhone 8 SI would incorporate a fingerprint reader

Until the day of the presentation of the iPhone 8, predictably in September, rumors about the long-awaited device with the bitten apple will continue to circulate. In recent times there was a fairly widespread rumor that the famous Touch ID might not be in the next iPhone. Today it is said that finally it would be.

Concept of the iPhone 8 with a front with hardly any frames

The company Vivo presented a terminal with a fingerprint reader on the screen a month ago Of the device. This news meant a setback for Apple, because the Cupertino company had spent months trying to integrate this novelty into its next model.

However, due to a breakthrough in a supposed facial recognition mode, Apple could have dismissed the option to include Touch ID on the screen . Not only that, but they also did not consider including it even in the rear. We remember that the next iPhone will sport a front with hardly any frames and in which there would be no space for the home button, where Touch ID had been placed on all its terminals to date, since the iPhone 5s.

Finally, and according to the aforementioned Forbes source, Apple would have reconsidered the fact of eliminating the fingerprint reader on your next device. Reading the opinions of users in forums and social networks, it was possible to infer that they were not satisfied with the elimination of Touch ID.

Touch ID, on the unlock button?

More than a month ago, I myself wrote an article on this website in order to discover what options could be used to incorporate Touch ID in the iPhone 8. Interestingly, in that article, the option of including it in the unlock button was mentioned as one of the least likely options.

The news of the last few days forces me to change my mind and that is, indeed, Touch ID could be built into the unlock button in the upcoming iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 render with Touch ID unlock button

The fact of including a fingerprint reader in the unlock button it would not be something new in the market and it is that Sony's Xperia range has already done it with multiple devices.

We hope that, if all this is true, Apple will achieve match the effectiveness of their fingerprint readers in the latest released generation of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Various unlock methods

Going by the other rumors and trying to tie them all together, we might tend to think that the iPhone 8 would include several unlocking methods. One of them would be the already famous face unlock . This would be a new technique that, apparently, would be advanced enough to even be able to unlock our terminal in a dark room.

As a result of the current news, we would also have the Unlock via Touch ID. It would work in the same way that it has been doing it in recent years, but with the novelty that this time we will have to pass our finger through the unlock button.

And, of course, we understand that the classic way of unlocking using a numeric code . In addition to that this method would continue to be the alternative in case any of the others failed.

Being practical, and without underestimating the new facial recognition technology, the integration of the fingerprint reader in the unlock button would be a great contribution because, yes or yes, we will have to press that button if we want to use our device. Unless Apple prepares a new way to turn on the device by implementing the double tap on the screen; So far nothing has been known about it.

what do you think about this news? Would you like Touch ID to finally be integrated into the unlock button? Tell us your impressions in the comments.