The iPad Pro of 2020 would incorporate a significant improvement in their cameras — 2022

Apple is determined to affirm that augmented reality is the future and that is why is working on both its hardware and its software to provide developers with tools capable of getting more out of AR in your applications. Right now they are working on improving the cameras of both their iPad and their iPhone and that is why a new report suggests that Apple will launch a new iPad Pro in 2020 that have a 3D rear camera.

According to this report that has been collected in the Korean media The Elec citing anonymous sources in the industry, from Derkwoo Electronics they would already be preparing to provide Apple components and modules for the new 3D camera . Apparently the production of these components will be delayed until the end of 2019 and that is why we will not see it presented until next year.

Apple prepares a 3D camera for future iPad Pro 2020

This camera will allow us to have a much more accurate mapping of the room we are in by measuring distances more accurately and efficiently. Although many people think that nothing can be done with the cameras of an iPad, the truth is that in the educational environment they think something totally different since augmented reality is used there. We must also remember that the announcements that Apple records are recorded with an iPad Pro camera as already shown, so it is certainly to be congratulated that focus on improving the camera even if some people are not completely convinced.

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This same camera technology is expected to be introduced in future iPhones, although it seems that in the iPad Pro It will be integrated first and months later it will be on the iPhone. A strange movement considering that the iPad is a device much more focused on productivity tasks together with the contribution of accessories such asSD card readersor the different peripherals.

This report also breaks with Apple's tradition of renewing its iPad Pro range at the end of the year along with the iPhone, since it seems that it would take until March 2020 to incorporate this camera. It is also possible that this report I'm wrong on dates and let's see this new iPad Pro with a 3D camera in the month of October in a new presentation event.

What seems to be clear is that the iPad and iPhone will have 3D modules in their cameras to further enhance the use of augmented reality, something that is especially appreciated by developers who will see their task much easier and us users also.

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