The iPad Pro 2020 and its spectacular features — 2022

There is no doubt that the iPad Pro is Apple's most powerful and advanced tablet. The fourth generation, that of 2020, is the latest version available in this range. In it we find interesting news regarding the previous generation launched in 2018. Here we tell you the highlights.

Models and differences

As you probably know, the iPad Pro 2020 is available in several versions. On the one hand we have those of 11 and 12.9 inches screen, with the only difference being the size. Both in design, processor, capabilities and other features, both devices are identical. Also in both we find two colors: silver and space gray.

ipad pro 2020

On the other hand we find that, regardless of the screen size, you can purchase these iPad Pro in version Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular. The first of them is the traditional model, which will need WiFi networks to be able to connect to the internet. The second of them is a version designed for those people who will use the iPad on the move and need a permanent mobile data connection.


The main characteristics for which the new iPad Pro stand out lie in their tremendous power, pushed by the new A12Z Bionic. This is the most powerful processor designed by Apple to date and with substantial differences compared to the A13 Bionic that the iPhone 11 incorporates. This iPad is capable of carrying out any type of process without problems, such as the video, photo or audio editing .

The screen that it incorporates is once again one of the great strengths of this iPad, incorporating a retina panel of the highest quality. As in the previous generation, it has technology ProMotion that allows to have a refresh rate of 120 Hz. To this is added a feature already common in Apple: the TrueTone that allows the brightness and colors of the screen to adjust to the situation in which we find ourselves and helps our eyesight to be less damaged.

The double camera that appears for the first time on an iPad will allow you to take good photos, yes, but really it is more designed for the field of Augmented reality. Apple has been working in this area for years in order to provide good tools to professionals, but also to users. In these new tablets you can get much more performance thanks to the sensor LiDAR that incorporates time-of-flight technology, known as ToF for its acronym in English.

new official ipad pro

If it stands out for something, it is also for its software, incorporating all the new features of iPadOS . This operating system is the main protagonist of all iPad models, and with this one in particular you can get much more out of it. From Apple they are convinced of offering us a perfect hybrid between tablet and computer, resembling more and more a Mac.

Compatible accessories, such as the new Magic Keyboard that incorporates a keyboard with trackpad It will delight all users, allowing us to find features dedicated to gestures and system navigation through a pointer. And to this is added that this iPad Pro is compatible with the Second generation Apple Pencil , of which we already verified his good skills in the previous generation.

In any case, it seems that we are facing the best tablet ever created by Apple. It is true that there is not an abysmal difference with the previous generation, but the new thing that it incorporates is very powerful and it seems that it will satisfy the needs of most demanding users.

iPad Pro 2020 price

Something that stood out after Apple's announcement that there were new iPad Pros was its price. And it was not because there was a price reduction itself, but rather the lower capacity version maintained the price and increased in number, going from a base 64 GB to 128 GB. The price list is as follows.

11-inch iPad Pro

  • 128 GB storage WiFi version: 879 euros.
  • WiFi + Cellular version of 128 GB of storage: 1,049 euros.
  • WiFi version of 256 GB of storage: 989 euros.
  • WiFi + Cellular version of 256 GB of storage: 1,159 euros.
  • WiFi version of 512 GB of storage: 1,209 euros.
  • WiFi + Cellular version of 512 GB of storage: 1,379 euros.
  • 1TB storage WiFi version: 1,429 euros.
  • WiFi + Cellular version of 1 TB of storage: 1,529 euros.

iPad Pro 12.9-inch

  • 128 GB storage WiFi version: 1,099 euros.
  • WiFi + Cellular version of 128 GB of storage: 1,269 euros.
  • WiFi version of 256 GB of storage: 1,209 euros.
  • WiFi + Cellular version of 256 GB of storage: 1,379 euros.
  • WiFi version of 512 GB of storage: 1,429 euros.
  • WiFi + Cellular version of 512 GB of storage: 1,599 euros.
  • 1TB storage WiFi version: 1,649 euros.
  • WiFi + Cellular version of 1 TB of storage: 1,819 euros.

Compatible Official Accessories

new ipad pro 2020

All the accessories that were compatible with iPad Pro 2018, they will also be with these new versions. Some new accessories have even been added like the keyboard with trackpad, which is also backwards compatible with the previous generation. At the moment, the official accessories that Apple sells for now are these:

    Apple Pencilsecond generation: 135 euros. Magic Keyboard: 339 euros (11 version) and 399 euros (12.9 version). Smart Keyboard Folio:199 euros (11 version) and 219 euros (12.9 version). Logitech Slim Folio Pro:€125.00 (11″ version) €139.00 (12.9″ version). Smart Folio Cover: 89 euros (11″ version) and 119 euros (12.9″ version).

Apple Care+ and financing

Apple Care+ warranty service is available on these devices for a price of €139 Regardless of the model you choose. Logically it is an additional insurance and it is not mandatory to contract, however it can be of some use to win one more year warranty beyond the two years of the legal guarantee. This insurance does not cover loss and theft, but offers interesting discounts for screen repairs, battery and other components.

On the other hand, we find that there is financing available for this equipment if you do not want or cannot pay the full amount of the device at once. This service is offered, as in other products, by Cetelem . This is a financial company associated with Apple for these cases. We recommend checking the conditions, as they could vary depending on the moment.

And you, what do you think of this fourth generation iPad Pro 2020? You can leave us your impressions in the comment box.