The infallible method to study available on iPhone and iPad — 2022

Study cards is a study method that has become quite popular lately. Traditionally, it has always been done physically with a simple paper on which you can write all the information you need to carry out your study. But in this case it can be transferred to the digital world with different applications found on iPhone or iPad. We show you the best below.

What does this method of study consist of?

The study cards or flashcards It is a study method that has become quite popular. It allows you to have a more active, fun and above all motivating study technique. You will study at several different points. The first while you are creating them since you will have to be original and creative with the information that you are entering. In this way you will be summarizing all the data to learn at the end the most important of each of the subjects, which is ultimately the most important.

Flashcards are cards made especially for studying. On one side you write a concept or a question that you want to study. It can be a question that you know will be included in the multiple choice exam, for example. And on another side you will write the answer or its own development. That is why it can be said that we are facing a Trivial but that it will allow you to study personalized concepts. It is ideal for studying definitions, formulas, data or key dates. In addition, if they are combined with visual elements, they can be memorized in a much clearer way.

What you should look for in the perfect app

Naturally, there are many applications that can be found in the App Store to create new study cards. Although you have to find some specific points to be able to have the best possible option among all these. Specifically, you should follow these points that we ourselves propose:

    Application design:when you are studying it is really important to have a proper aesthetic. In this way the different concepts will enter you much better through the eye and finally you will memorize it easily since you will end up developing all these elements. That is why it must always prevail to have a visually attractive and modern application that is adapted to the operating system. Purchase price:In many cases, these applications have different advertising plans that make you see an ad every so often. This is a serious problem since every so often you will have a distraction on the screen with a different advertisement. The possibility that exists is to pay the subscription to eliminate all advertising. But there may also be single payment apps. It is important to analyze if it is worth the purchase by first trying the free plan. Privacy:an aspect that should always be fundamental when you are working with applications. You should look for those that have an adequate privacy policy and in which your data that you enter in this study application is not sold. Cross-platform option:there may be the case where you need to study on several different devices. In this case, priority should be given to those applications that are multiplatform. In this way you will have your cards very accessible from iPhone, iPad or even Mac. This can be achieved through a single account that synchronizes all this study information.

Options to study any subject

Keep in mind that the most common applications that you can use are the general ones. That is, their mission is to write on both sides of a virtual card. In this way it can be used for any specific subject or syllabus without having to look for a specific specialization. Below we show you the best options that can be found in this regard.

Flashcards Maker

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The easiest way to memorize and master everything you are learning specifically. It is an app that allows you to create, collaborate and study with unlimited flash cards offline and on the go. It is important to note that it is an application totally free and that does not include any type of microtransaction. It is designed to help students quickly memorize with multiple repetitions.

The cards can be created with images and advanced formats to learn from all the contents. Lists can have bullets, bold text, and code blocks. It is multi platform as the cards can be used on iPad, iPhone and also in the developer web version. You will have a record of how you are progressing in each of the card packs.

Flashcards Maker Flash Cards Flashcards Maker Flash Cards Descargar QR-Code Flashcards Maker Flash Cards Developer: Zachary Lawson


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Mobile education platform that will allow you to learn what you want very quickly using its personalized method. It is important to note that we are talking about a platform that also has a web version, so we are dealing with a version multi platform . This method adapts to your study patterns and it does not matter what you are learning since a repetition period will always be established for your brain.

Once the cards are created and you start studying you will see how the cards are passed randomly. In those questions that you notice that you know perfectly, they will appear much less in each of the repetitions. But if you miss it more, you will see how the card appears more often. This way you can memorize it more correctly and quickly. You also have a bank with several cards created by other people.

Brainscape Cards Brainscape Cards Descargar QR-Code Brainscape Cards Developer: Brainscape

Flashcards Maker

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On the fly you can create your own study cards virtually. It is also free and very easy to use, being perfect for students of any age and also for any type of modality. With a single click you can make memory cards and edit and save them quickly. You'll soon be on your way to remembering all the knowledge you need to pass a particular exam.

In each of the cards that you create you can add the markers. In this way you will be able to mark those cards that are most difficult for you to memorize and in the end choose to only show these to simply review those that you have not fully learned. You can choose the option to shuffle all the cards to always have a combination of the different questions randomly so as not to learn only the pattern of answers.

Flashcards Maker Flashcards Maker Descargar QR-Code Flashcards Maker Developer: Ben Walker

AnkiMobile Flashcards

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Powerful and smart flash card app that is open source. This is one of the most traditional apps out there in this sense and falls within the entire Anki ecosystem. It is allowed to synchronize all the information with the cloud to allow keeping the content of the card synchronized in numerous devices. This way you can add the content on a Mac or another iPad.

The algorithm that is used is ready for you to start remembering what you are about to forget. It knows that you are forgetting it when it has already been many study sessions that it does not display correctly. You will be able to consult integral graphs and statistics on the evolution of your studies and you will also be able to integrate images and videos as well as audio clips into the cards.

AnkiMobile Flashcards AnkiMobile Flashcards Descargar QR-Code AnkiMobile Flashcards Developer: Ankitects Pty Ltd

MIR Flashards

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If you are a MIR student, there will be many concepts that you will have to study that are really easy. That is why there is this application designed especially for you. Integrate separate cards for each of the specialties such as trauma, cadio or pediatrics. Obviously it is not a substitute for the study that is carried out in the academy but a real complement to facilitate the memorization and understanding of different terms.

The design is certainly quite good and it is very accessible. The files are already pre-established but you can enter your own. You have a weekly challenge in which the application challenges you to correctly answer 25 questions over a week. This will be something quite important to keep in mind, although you can always go at your own pace.

MIR Flashcards MIR Flashcards Descargar QR-Code MIR Flashcards Developer: Alberto Alomar

Flashcards with Cram

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Official application of Cram cards. It has a lot of functions of flash memory cards. The application automatically downloads all the information that you have in the account that you have created and that can be useful to synchronize all the information. It is completely free and easy to use and allows access to more than 80 million different cards that have been created by all users.

It is important to note that it has online and offline functions. To make it much more enjoyable, four different study modes are supported: card, memorize, cram mode and game mode. The basic one is the card mode that allows you to quickly see the complete set of cards and repeat them many times. In this way you will be able to have all this knowledge in your head in a much faster way.

Flashcards with Cram Flashcards with Cram Descargar QR-Code Flashcards with Cram Developer: Cram, LLC.

The most language-focused apps

Beyond the applications that are general, you can also find applications that are focused on a common theme such as learning languages. You will find in this case cards of both the English language and others, being focused above all to learn vocabulary or specific characters.

Quizlet: Learn English and more

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The easiest way to study, practice and master what you are learning. Create your own flashcards or choose from the millions of flashcards other students have created. In this case you will be able to see how millions of students use the application and that is why you will be able to study for free every month with this application in English or any other different language among the 18 that are available.

Every day you can prepare with the Learn test in which a real challenge will be proposed. The write mode will offer you the ability to memorize everything you have learned and you will also be able to play against the clock with the Combine game mode. In addition to languages, which is the main subject, it also has classes in history, science and also the preparation of official exams such as opposition exams.

Quizlet: Learn English and more Quizlet: Learn English and more Descargar QR-Code Quizlet: Learn English and more Developer: Quizlet Inc.

AnkiApp Flashcards

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If you are trying to learn Chinese characters or Kanji this is one of the best apps you can install. This way you can take advantage of your study time much better. AnkiApp uses the improved form of spaced repetition SRS, built with artificial intelligence. In this way you can maximize the amount of learning you do in each of the sessions without ending up overwhelming.

Artificial intelligence is capable of determining which cards are the ones you should study at any given time. In this way, artificial intelligence will be able to analyze the progress you are making. You will make your own cards, using colors, bullet lists and much more, although you will also be able to search among the millions of cards that are ready for download and that have been developed by third parties.

AnkiApp Flashcards AnkiApp Flashcards Descargar QR-Code AnkiApp Flashcards Developer: AnkiApp Inc

Which ones do we recommend?

We have been able to verify that there are many options that can be found in the App Store of applications that aim to have study cards. In this case we must stay with two. The first is Flashcards Maker that has a very attractive design and also has different artificial intelligence features so that you always have in front of you those cards that may cost you a little more than normal.

The second option presented is Quizlet, which is designed to learn more than 18 different languages. It is logically based on the cards that show the vocabulary and also those that give information on verbs or any other way of learning a language that is completely new to a user. It stands out above all for the design that it integrates since it is extremely attractive visually and invites you to memorize all this content.