The incredible iPhone error that prevents you from connecting to the internet — 2022

In the last hours, a programming error in Apple's smartphones is becoming viral, which is generating someproblems connecting to the internet from iPhone. A priori it does not seem serious or something very widespread because of how strange it is. In fact, it could have a fairly logical explanation, although the truth is that it has not been solved yet. We tell you below everything you need to know to avoid having this error.

Origin and cause of this new failure

Twitter user Carl Schou, who is a security researcher, was one of the first to report the problem. He showed through that social network a recording of his iPhone screen in which it was seen how when trying to connect to a WiFi network, this connection was permanently deactivated without the possibility of reconnecting. The problem, as it has been known later, is the SSID of. the network, what comes to be the name with which the WiFi is identified .

The network to which Schou was connected was named %p%s%s%s%s%n, some somewhat strange characters, but a priori they shouldn't give any problem. The fact that the name begins with a symbol such as a percentage (%) could be the cause of the problem, as has been commented on both on Twitter and in other specialized forums. Although, without a doubt, the most striking thing is that at the moment has no solution , since the researcher commented that he had changed this name to another and even restarted the router and the iPhone without success.

How you can stop your iPhone from looping

Apparently this problem in relation to programming languages ​​is only affecting Apple devices such as the iPhone and not Android. If you have an iPhone and you don't want to be a victim of this tedious error, it is best not to connect to a network that begins with that percentage symbol and even avoid others that may also have a sequence of symbols far from normal names. that we usually give to WiFi networks.

If your Wi-Fi network begins with that symbol, it is recommended that you change it before trying to connect to it. If unfortunately you are already affected by the problem, the only apparent solution at the moment is to restore iPhone completely . This will eliminate the problem and you will be able to use WiFi networks normally again, but obviously you will have to avoid connecting to such a network if you do not want to experience the problem again.


As we said at the beginning, it does not seem to be a serious problem because it has not been extended to a considerable number of users. However, this does not make it less important to solve it. Given the visibility that has been given to this bug, it is likely that Apple is already aware of the problem and will try to offer a solution to it. This could arrive in iOS 14.7, although at the expense of its arrival, we insist on recommending that you avoid connecting to WiFi networks whose name begins with that symbol.