The iMac Pro screen could bring unexpected surprises — 2022

This year we have seen a brand new renovation of the small iMac, going from 21.5 to 24 inches, integrating the M1 chip and a totally different form factor from what has been seen in the last decade, being an ideal option formac for video editing. The next to go through sheet metal and paint will be the 27-inch one, although precisely its screen could be causing headaches at Apple, given the contradictions between the different leaks known to date.

It is said that the ideal for Apple would be a scenario for early next year in which the 27-inch iMac with Intel disappears from its catalog to make way for a version of at least 32 inches with Apple Silicon and a form factor similar to that of 24, although with more sober colors. However, the ideal may not end up being the real thing.

The crisis in the sector would make things difficult

In general, the production of new equipment for Apple and the rest of the big brands is proving to be very complex due to the component crisis that is being experienced. This is something that they already assume from the beginning, but that will not stop it from disrupting their plans. Regarding the screen, practically all the leaks pointed to that mentioned 32-inch size, however, the latest reports from Asian media pointed rather to the fact that I would continue with 27 inches . That if, without giving the possibility of graduating the height of it, for which you would need asupport to place the iMac on high.

The reason for this change could not only be due to production problems, but also in not overshadowing the Pro Display XDR that the company has been selling since 2019. Although in view of its price and that in the end a Mac is needed to make it work, this may not be the explanation at all. Be that as it may, today there are many doubts that generate knowing what size it will have.

mac pro apple pro display xdr display

Display ProDisplay XDR (2019)

What it does seem is that these iMacs will drink a lot from the MacBook Pro 2021 and not only in the chips, since it will probably carry the M1 Pro and M1 Max, but also in the screen technology. It is hoped that they could incorporate paneles miniLED Y 120Hz refresh rate , clearly being a device with a premium category screen.

When will we get out of doubt?

The million dollar question, which in the end is the same as when it will be launched, remains without an official answer. If you are already somewhat involved in the news about Apple, you will know that the company does not reveal device launches until its own presentation. It is not known if it will be at a special event or via a press release, but everything indicates that March or April will be the chosen months.

The aforementioned crisis in the sector could also disrupt these plans, but in principle it is the roadmap that they have marked out in Cupertino, as gurus such as Minch-Chi Kuo, Mark Gurman or Jon Prosser have predicted on several occasions. In any case, it is expected that in previous months new information will be happening that investigates something more in screen specifications and, finally, we can resolve the doubts that are being generated at the moment.