The humble origin of Apple It was financed thanks to a calculator! — 2022

Every great company has a beginning and Apple is no exception. The big drawbacks in the beginning is undoubtedly the financing that can be counted on. If we talk about theapple founding historyIt talks about how two people with little money started a new technology company. In this article we tell you specifically the origin of this original financing.

The financial origins of Apple

Both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had to desperately seek money to start their company. They had a brilliant idea in their hands and they did not have the backing of any type of bank or businessman above since few people could trust them. The fact of proposing a personal computer was something that could not be realistically conceived since these computers were indicated for large companies. But finally they decided to bet on the Apple I in its manufacture led by Steve Wozniak.

As we say, the financing was quite complicated to obtain since they did not have savings and they were simple students. They did not come from a wealthy family that could help them and all this work was done in their spare time away from the eyes of the whole world. That is why, in a desperate way, they began to sell different products that they had on hand to start the company going.

steve Jobs Wozniak

The first device that was sold was a calculator Steve Wozniak's HP 65 Electronic Calculator . From this sale they were able to get a total of 520 dollars, which at that time was quite a lot of money and that would allow them to start buying the necessary components to make a computer prototype.

Steve Jobs put his van up for sale

But Steve Wozniak wasn't the only one putting something up for sale. Steve Jobs himself, the company's second founder, also cooperated financially. Although he was in the same economic situation as Wozniak, he had a van that allowed him to move freely, although it was not very modern, having already been behind him for many years. That is why he could not get too much money when it came to selling it.

Specifically, he was able to get a total of 1,500 dollars for a Volskvagen van in white and red. Although this was a very good deal, it did run into problems in the future as the van's engine ended up blowing while being driven by the new driver. That is why he had to return part of this money, leaving it at a much lower price in compensation for this problem that he was undoubtedly aware of.


That is why finally the origins of Apple were backed by the sale of a simple calculator and a dilapidated van was achieved more or less 1000 dollars. With this money, sufficient financing was obtained to be able to start up the company in its origin. From here they managed to get a first prototype of the first Apple I that would give rise to much more important future financing.