The HomePod intensifies its testing phase before launching it on the market — 2022

December is the date chosen by Apple to open orders for its new product, the HomePod, presented in the WWDC 2017 , and that so many clues have been given about the new Apple flagship. It is the employees of Apple in the US who are conducting these tests in their own homes . Although it seems that an Instagram user in China has been able to get hold of one, who has posted a photo on his Instagram account.

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Al fin We have photos with this Instagram post of a HomePod in a private home. We see the cable in the same color as the device and very similar to that of certain Apple products.

This product has also been seen in Menlo Park, where a capitalist, Andreessen Horowitz, when he was digging into his iPhone, was able to observe that you could stream your music on a HomePod called Kitchen . This suggests that in that area, in some home there was already this exclusive product and that it is becoming so much to beg.

Can you imagine going for a walk and finding that? As we can see, the HomePod icon has a very successful design and is quite similar to the device and yes, as is the case with AirPods. It is seen that the HomePod arrives on the market to break its competition such as the Amazon Echo and the Google Home. We still do not have demonstrative videos of everything it is capable of doing, Well, we understand that these employees will be keeping it confidential and it will be in December when we all get a surprise.

Well, we will not all be able to enjoy this device of $349, Well, at the moment we are not going to see it in Spain or in any country except three, Australia, United Kingdom and of course, the United States.

If we want this product we will have to acquire it in one of these countries, and seeing how long it takes for Apple to expand to other countries, we can already wait for a second generation of the HomePod to reach us all. I hope I'm wrong and have this product in our country soon. It may be that at the beginning of next year, seeing the market it generates, more will be produced for the rest of the countries.

But we will settle for December to see a review and give our opinion and first impressions of this device that initially has a very good market.