The guide used by the official Apple technical service is filtered — 2022

Almost all of us have gone at some point in our lives, or will go, to the technical service for any problem in our terminals such as a blow (possibly saying goodbye to the screen) or errors for which we are not to blame. The technical service is the one that decides if the product is repaired within the guarantee, or not. How do they decide this? With a guide provided by Apple to technicians of theSAT and Apple Premium Reseller.

Is my repair covered by warranty? This Apple guide gives us many clues

Business Insider has been the means has leaked exclusively this guide titled Visual/Mechanical Inspection Guide , which includes all the steps a technician must follow to inspect a product of your brand. The technicians themselves have confirmed to Business Insider that these are the guides they use to inspect and give an approximate cost of the repair to communicate it to the client.

Below I show you part of this document that is classified in colors depending on whether the repair can be carried out or not within the guarantee, or if it is irreparable.

Fuente: Business Insider

At the beginning of the document we have the Damages that are covered under warranty such as dead pixels, camera misalignment, or changing a front panel provided that its breakage has not been caused by a blow against any surface. In this case, the guarantee will cover it yes or yes.

In the intermediate case, marked as yellow, we find repairs that can be made but will not fall under warranty. Here we have possible screen breakage, damage to the audio or Lightning connector or damage due to liquids or corrosion. They will also not cover scratches or bumps , nor any mark as a result of the passage of time on the terminal casing.

And in the last row we have the cases that not covered with or without warranty , that is, they are not repaired, such as the iPhone catastrophic state as we see in the image or damage resulting from the use of unofficial batteries.

It is interesting to have this guide on hand to see what the warranty according to Apple may or may not cover. Leave us in the comment box what you think about this leak that we have told you about today.