The great surprise of the iPhone 12 begins to be visible — 2022

These days we are learning numerous details of the new iPhone 12 that will be released in September. After practically confirming the new design of its edges that will become more rectangular, now it's time to focus on the controversial ' notch '. There are many users who have sued Apple since the iPhone X to reduce or eliminate it and in the end it seems that they have listened to the requests.

This will be the eyebrow of the new iPhone 12

Jon Prosser, a filter that has earned significant recognition, has posted some images on its Twitter account showing an outline of the new notch. In the first one you can see that we are facing a CAD illustration, focused on the different suppliers of the supply chain. In the second we have a diagram where the location of each of the sensors in this reduced notch is explained in more detail. East reduced notch It is undoubtedly one of the great novelties of this iPhone that will see its design modified on the front and also on its screens if it ends up completing what was rumored.

At the engineering level, it is not at all easy to reduce the size of the notch while maintaining all its functionalities. We must bear in mind that in this eyebrow we have a series of sensors that give life to the Face ID and they offer incredible quality. The objective that Apple has had in front of it is to be able to reduce its size while maintaining all its functionalities. In the diagram we can clearly see how the True Depth camera becomes much more focused, passing the speaker to be in the upper bezel of the iPhone. We can clearly see how the infrared camera, the proximity sensor, the Dot projector, the ambient light sensor, among others, are maintained.

iPhone 12 notch scheme

It is true that recently we learned of some information that pointed to Apple would reduce the size of the notch to 1/3 . And even Ben Geskin himself published a series of images on his Twitter account comparing the size of the notch. This publication was made last year but it is clear that he was not too far off track.

Now we add to these rumors the maps that we have shown where the hardware that will be included in the notch and its location are clearly seen. Something that catches our attention is that Apple would have decided reduce the size of the front camera to get this minor notch. This is totally logical since reducing the notch is not something that is done in a simple way, but rather the size of the sensors must be reduced while maintaining a good experience for users.

What would the 'perfect' iPhone look like?

There are already many rumors that this will be the new design that the new iPhone 12 will have and we certainly appreciate it. It is clear that the ideal would be there would be no kind of notch but we must be totally realistic. Until now, although we have become accustomed to this small hindrance that we have on the screen when viewing multimedia content, the ideal would be for it to be eliminated. For now we will have to settle for a reduction in the notch, which is not little. Other brands have opted for other systems such as a hole in the screen, but there is also an area on the screen that we do not see.

In the future, who knows if Apple will bet on including all its sensors and cameras behind the screen, but for now we must be happy with this reduction. And we insist again, it is not something symbolic since it would be reducing up to 1/3 of its size, which will undoubtedly be appreciated to watch a movie or a series on the mobile. We will see if they also change theiPhone measurementsgenerally with it.