The gift in the form of a Mac that Apple gave to former President Trump — 2022

Yesterday served for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to swear in their new position as president and vice president of the United States, leaving the Trump era behind. It is precisely in this context that a curiosity has arisen that has Apple and the former president as protagonists, since Tim Cook gave him a gift several years ago to one of the most powerful men in the world.

Cook gave Trump a 2019 Mac Pro

TheMac Pro introduced and released in 2019, not only meant the renewal of the best Apple computer, but also brought about an important change in terms of the manufacture of the brand's equipment. The company led by Tim Cook has its main production chains for iPhone, iPad and other devices, including Macs, in Asia, more specifically in China.

The Mac Pro began to be assembled from scratch at a Flex Factory located in Austin, Texas. The fact of having a good part of the production of this equipment in Apple's native country caught the attention of then President Donald Trump, who visited the facilities with CEO Tim Cook.

That political visit was intended to demonstrate to the rest of the American companies the possibility of creating products in the country without losing value, more so in the middle of a trade war that the administration was beginning to take against China. Precisely on that visit it has been learned that Cook delivered a brand new Mac Pro to Trump as a treat. This has been confirmed by The New York Times analyst David Enrich.

Trump and Apple, a love-hate story

This situation is striking because the story of Donald Trump and Apple was not always idyllic. In fact, the executive of the technology company was many times against some controversial decisions carried out by the former president, either in public or in private. For the memory will remain when Trump called Tim Apple to Cook, something that we still do not know if it was intentional or provoked, but that sparked numerous memes and even caused the CEO himself to change his name on Twitter for several days for Tim Apple.

Trump was also not a big fan of iPhones, although not because of a favor to Android or anything similar, since it was said that the former president was not very given to technology. The truth is that during his tenure it was not very noticeable, since he finally had to adopt a Presidential iPhone and his Twitter account was many times more watched than his press conferences, although the president's end on this social network was not exactly friendly. Although that is already another matter. The relationship between the company and Trump during the last 4 years can be considered at least as good, always with a formal and respectful treatment.

In short, it has caught our attention to know that Donald Trump could be the one who took the first 2019 Mac Pro made in America and we clarify that of 2019 because the 2013 model was already being assembled in that factory. Would the former president get to use that computer? Let's remember that his main focus is that of the professional niche that requires the greatest possible power for tasks that can even become Hollywood productions or music production.