Former Facebook employee critical of its privacy policies signed by Apple — 2022

The one who was employed by Facebook in the privacy area, Sandy Parakilas , has signed for Apple as reported today The Financial Times . This former Facebook employee left the company after harshly criticizing the privacy policies that were followed in the social network without anyone listening to him. Now Apple has decided to incorporate it into its template in order to theoretically improve its privacy and wink at users, so they know that the Cupertino company takes user privacy very seriously.

Surely Mark Zuckerberg now regretting turning a deaf ear to this employee's advice since numerous legal problems have now jumped out due to its privacy policies.

Apple wants to improve its privacy policies with new signings

Sandy Parakilas had to appear earlier last year in the UK Parliament about Facebook's privacy policies in relation to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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During these statements he stated the following, in relation to his time on Facebook:

Yes. I was one of the people who expressed concerns. There was a lot of press at the time suggesting that this was potentially violating people's privacy and that there were some real concerns here. It was a known issue. What has changed is that people now realize how many things can be done with huge amounts of data, so now they are connecting those two dots and we have the current scandal.

It was clear that if you put your private data on the network they could be used behind your back, it is a risk that we always assume. Now it has been seen that a presidential election could have been manipulated with this type of data and that is why we users have become much more aware.

After his departure from Facebook Parakilas was working on other very important social networks but later he went on to work in other companies such as Uber or in the Center for Human Technology that is in charge of regulating the technological giants.

Now Apple searches improve your privacy so that users can trust your products when storing their personal data. For this they need the best and the profile of Parakilas has been ideal. Remember that Apple is promoting its privacy policiesat CES 2019 itselfin Las Vegas with a huge banner stating that what happens on the iPhone stays on the iPhone, is that right?

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