The five essential applications for your Apple Watch — 2022

In this article we are going to show you five applications that are really essential to carry on your wrist, that is, on your Apple Watch. Let's start!

Our top 5 apps for Apple Watch

We always try to search and search for apps for our devices to discover new and better apps. Sometimes we discover very useful things and other times apps that are not worth having installed.

That is why in this article we have selected five applications that must be installed on your Apple Watch yes or yes given its effectiveness and great help for day to day.


Shazam interface for Apple Watch

You will all know this application and it is not necessary to explain how it works, but if you are one of those who do not know it, I will tell you that this app serves for taggear or identify the song that is playing at that moment , whether on the radio, in a series or movie, etc.

We do not always have the iPhone at hand, with which, from your watch you will be able to taggear that song that is playing and you like it so much. You can then get it on Apple Music as Shazam creates a playlist of songs you've captured from your watch or phone.

For me it is one of the essentials every time I restore my devices.

download shazam


The comfort that Stocard gives you by not having to carry cards with you

Another of my essentials and that should always be on my devices. Stocard is an application that serves as a virtual card holder.

Aren't you tired of carrying a lot of cards from different stores, the kind that accumulate points and discounts? Well, with this app you are going to leave your wallet empty of cards, since through the iPhone you will be able to introduce them virtually to the app, and then, from your watch you will be able to pass them and scan them in that specific store to continue accumulating those points or discounts. In this way, carry theloyalty cards on the iPhone with Stocardit is much easier.

What this app does is create a barcode identical to the one that appears on the back – normally – of your card . In addition, the interface is quite visual, although on the iPhone it appears even better.

Download Stocard


Control your health with HeartWatch, a very complete app

The issue of health is something that should concern us all, because although the Apple watch includes a heart rate meter that is automated every 8 minutes, it does not always give us enough data.

With HeartWatch you will obtain all the necessary data to know if your heart is in perfect condition. yes Although it is paid, it is really worth it. You don't play with health, remember.

In addition, from your iPhone you will be able to see all this data and it has an option dedicated to training. Try it because it's a real blast, its multiple functions are very complete.

Descargar HearWatch

Buy me a Pie

Enjoy shopping with this app from your watch

You will always find this on both my Apple Watch and my iPhone. It seems to me an app to always have close, since we all have to do the weekly or monthly purchase.

The iPhone app is very complete and intuitive, but the Watch one is as simple as touching and crossing out the items we have already bought . Simply great+I made a very complete review about this app that you can see here .

Download Buy Me on Foot


Wear a translator on your wrist

Don't let the language stop you. Thanks to Translate you will be able to translate phrases into any language, in this way you will remove barriers for not knowing a language well. Undoubtedly it's an app that should be on every apple watch , since even if it is to consult a specific word it can be very helpful.

Descargar iTranslate

We hope that this collection of apps has been to your liking, and that above all you have discovered some interesting ones for your day-to-day life in addition to the native ones from Apple such astraining app. However, yes If you want us to do a more complete review of any of the apps that we have provided, do not hesitate to suggest it to us in the comments. We will be happy to help you.