The first images and videos of the unboxing of the iPhone X begin to emerge — 2022

On November 3, the first iPhone X officially arrives to users t both by messaging and by appointment at the Apple Store. All this, if you were one of the lucky ones to be able to reserve the first units of this highly desired terminal that is currently is not available in Spain for another 6 weeks , a real barbarity.

This is the first unboxing of the iPhone X

Well, it seems that there are people who are luckier than you already have it in your hands and they have published images and videos where you can see that great moment of having a new iPhone, the corresponding unboxing .

The video that we have seen in the account of the already known Benjamn Gesking is very brief, showing simply opening the box, without turning it on , but the spectacular screen that the terminal has is appreciated. We leave it to you below.

In addition to this video we find some images with the terminal already out both at the front and at the rear.

The silver color as you can see at the top is beautiful and the rear glass gives it a great touch of elegance. The only thing more shocking and what is getting the most criticism is the position of the cameras , but this, for color tastes. We also have the front part, which as we have seen in the video is equally spectacular with a great screen although we have the happy notch at the top where the sensors and the FaceTime camera reside, but we hope that Soon everything will be integrated into one body.

This unboxing, for those who may ask, is d e a device suitable for the public (marketable) and does not belong to any employee of the company that may contain more sensitive information when teaching it, and I am referring to the Apple engineer fired for leaving an iPhone X to his daughter to make a video. In addition, as we are used to, Apple sends units to the most important media before its official launch so that they can make the respective reviews and that users know them to buy it or not.

Leave us in the comment box what do you think of these images and video revealed today.