The first Apple Store in Samsung territory — 2022

Apple has announced that next December 30 will open its first Apple Store in South Korea , very close to Samsung headquarters.

The announcement was made by her Apple , where he states that practically everything is ready, in the absence of some small details.

This new Apple Store will open a new expansion in South Korea , specifically in the city where Samsung has its official headquarters.

Crowd of person in front of an Apple Store

At the moment, not many details are known about the new Apple Store, but the opening for the next December 30 . Apple has sent a statement informing about it:

We have finished all the important interior decorations of the Apple Store and we only have one simple task left. Unless there are special problems in the final stage of construction, it will open on December 30 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to 11 a.m. on day.

This new store will have almost 1,300 meters square divided into two levels, the main floor and a basement. We still don't have many more details about her, but we will surely learn more as the week progresses.

At the beginning of the year, we already heard rumors about this new opening. Specifically, it is the first Apple store to open in a country dominated by Samsung o LG , with a market share of 80%, tough competition for those from Cupertino.

The forecast of the new store in South Korea, we could notice it with the launch of the iPhone X in this country, where Apple had already started the works of the new Apple Store , where we travel that is very close to the headquarters of Samsung.

What do you think about Apple having its first store near Samsung headquarters? Can it harm or benefit some of the brands?